Every "Gilmore Girl" level coffee addict knows that there is way better coffee out there than just Starbucks and Dunkin'. Sure, they are acceptable for a quick caffeine fix, but truly good coffee is found at much more uncharted locations. These are some of the coolest, quirkiest and entirely one-of-a-kind coffee shops in the US that will serve you some of the best coffee of your life. 

Alabama: Turbo Coffee

Turbo Coffee in Florence, Alabama is truly unique and rather undisclosed. It is tucked behind the back of Florence’s Greasy Hands Barber Shop, only to be found by the true coffee devotees in the area. In addition to their chill and rare atmosphere, the shop serves killer coffee. They always have coffee brewed from Brooklyn’s Parlor Coffee beans, and every three months, they have a new featured roaster to shake things up.

Alaska: Steam Dot Coffee

Steam Dot Coffee in Anchorage, Alaska is truly devoted to giving every customer an impeccable cup of joe. Their coffee is roasted through a special process, ensuring every cup is brewed to perfection, and their beans are roasted fresh every day.

They also store all coffee in airtight containers, to make sure that the atmosphere does not compromise the taste of the coffee. Even better, they bottle their own home-made cold brew and make their own chocolate ganache, used in their immaculate mochas.

Arizona: Wild Iris Coffeehouse and Bakery

The Wild Iris Coffeehouse and Bakery is locally owned and operated in Prescott, Arizona. They are a picturesque coffeehouse, serving not only superb coffee, but also flavorful loose leaf tea and tantalizing pastries and lunch items, all made from scratch. (Definitely try the suga-diddies.)

Arkansas: Jitterbug Coffeehouse

If you’re looking for a quirky and cozy coffee shop, the search ends here, at Jitterbug Coffeehouse in Herber Springs, Arkansas. Their menu offers a myriad of unique and delicious flavors and their tranquil atmosphere makes it easy to stay for hours, while you enjoy each sip.

California: The French Press

Located in Santa Barbara, the French Press is such an integral part of the area’s community that they hold a local farmer’s market in their parking lot. This shop has one of the top baristas in the world behind the bar, ensuring nothing but astonishingly pristine beverages. Although they have expanded to a few other locations in Cali, nothing can beat the OG shop in Santa Barbara.

Colorado: Black Eye Coffee Shop

Black Eye Coffee Shop is well known in Denver for its phenomenal poor over coffee, which uses beans made with Boxcar. Even better, they also make their own cold-pressed juices. They have two different locations in Denver, both providing a pleasing atmosphere that anyone could spend hours in.

Connecticut: Koffee

This shop melds in perfectly with the vibe of New Haven. They exclusively serve fairly traded coffee and teas. The shop has an intensely cozy feel with their spacious seating areas and large collection of intriguing novels to accompany your cup of joe. In addition to their stellar coffee, they also offer a ton of delicious sandwiches and other lunch time morsels.

Delaware: Brew Ha Ha

Not only does it have a whimsical name, but their coffee is seriously off the charts. Brew Ha Ha uses estate-grown coffee only from those who are a part of the top 3% of specialty-grade coffee in the world. They batch-roast each coffee to order to ensure that every cup is as fresh as it can possibly be. You will not want to pass over this espresso-driven, Italian inspired coffee shop the next time you are in Delaware.

Florida: Bold Bean

Bold Bean is perfect for the quintessential beach bum. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, fiercely strong espresso or even a craft beer, all while enjoying the salty sea air.

Georgia: Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

In case you can’t tell by the name, this place is truly a one-of-a-kind. Not only do they offer a plethora of delicious teas, coffees, pastries, desserts, ice creams and sandwiches, they also offer walls and walls filled with novels that you can sink your teeth into while taking in the rare ambiance of the cafe.

Hawaii: Surfer’s Coffee Bar

It’s safe to assume that this is the most chill coffee shop on the entire planet. Surfers Coffee Bar is described as an “artsy non-profit haven” and I honestly could not think of a better way to describe it.

This shop is run by unpaid volunteers who are all surfers that want to give back to their community through promoting self-expression, sustainability, creativity, innovation, peace, love and positive change in their local and global communities.

Idaho: Flying M

It turns out there is more to Idaho than an overabundance of spuds. There is also some pretty amazing coffee there. The coffee at Flying M Coffeehouse in Boise, Idaho is sure to make you soar with joy.

Illinois: Buzz: Killer Espresso

With two levels, Buzz: Killer Espresso gives customers plenty of room to space out and enjoy their coffee in the trendy, yet alternative shop. All of the baristas are incredibly attentive and guaranteed to make your beverage exactly to your liking. No surprise here, but you should definitely try the espresso, it’s killer.

Indiana: Soma Coffee House & Juice Bar

Soma Coffee House & Juice Bar is geared towards more than just serving coffee. They want to foster a community of coffee lovers and encourage their local community to cultivate a deeper understanding of knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect.

Each month, they chose a way to shine a spotlight on a local community organization that is working towards the betterment of their community.

Iowa: Cup of Joe

Through a combination of its retro flair and fantastic coffee, Cup of Joe is being referred to by many as quite possibly the best coffee in the world. They serve fair-trade and organic coffee and pastries that are made locally.

They also have weekly music events and a surplus of board games and periodicals to entertain the coffee junkies of the area. The ever-changing 50’s-inspired decor is both cozy and exciting, creating an enjoyable environment that anyone could revel in.

Kansas: The Roasterie

The Roasterie claims to travel to the “ends of the earth” to find the best coffee beans for their coffee. With that kind of dedication and mission, it is safe to say that this is probably some of the best coffee that your taste buds will ever come in contact with.

Kentucky: Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You not only serves you killer coffee and bakery items, they also let you make it yourself at home. They offer a collection of BIY (bake it yourself) mixes so that you can have your favorite baked good without going anywhere. However, if you ask me, it’s definitely worth it to leave the house to enjoy the fun and quirky environment provided by this shop.

Louisiana: Café Du Monde

Cafe du Monde is the oldest caffeine source in New Orleans. It originated in 1862 in the New Orleans Fresh Market and has stuck around this long for a reason. They offer only one type of coffee: café au lait and are also known around the world for their heavenly beignets. Despite their rather limited menu, they remain a favorite staple of NOLA culture.

Maine: Elements Books Coffee Beer

Considering the fact that the weather in Maine is freezing more often than it is tolerable, spending a lot of time inside is a necessity. Elements is a perfect place to kill a couple of hours while you warm up and avoid the frigid outdoors. They offer great coffee, craft beer and even wine, along with plenty of new and used books to get lost in.

Maryland: Coffee Land

This small, but charming coffee shop in Baltimore has amazing coffee and breakfast sandwiches, and even better service. After being affected by the Baltimore riots, the owners nearly immediately reopened and continued serving their loyal customers. Located in the heart of the city, it is perfect for any busy Baltimore worker with a caffeine addiction.

#SpoonTip: Ask for “the Rachael” when you go in and you will not be disappointed.

Massachusetts: Marylou’s Coffee

Even though Marylou’s has expanded and now has shops all over Massachusetts, that doesn’t mean that their quality or dedication to hometown enthusiasm has deteriorated. They serve absolutely stellar coffee and every employee is encouraged to build relationships with every customer.

Marylou Sandry, the company’s namesake, is often found at the various Marylou’s locations having a great time and promoting excellence at each and every shop.

Michigan: Madcap Coffee

You will go ~mad~ for Madcap Coffee. In order to ensure their customers the highest quality coffee possible, they monitor and nurture each coffee seed at every stage of its life. Their vigilant eye does not soften until the coffee hits your cup and you are more than satisfied with your coffee.

Minnesota: Spyhouse Coffee

The coffee-buying team at Spyhouse coffee focuses on cultivating a diverse menu when it comes to coffee. They zero in on the complexity, clarity and dynamic profile of each coffee they serve. They credit the perfection of their brews to the respect they have for each level of coffee production. If you aren’t able to spend time in one of their marvelous Minnesota locations, you can also have their exceptional coffee delivered right to your door.

Mississippi: Steampunk Coffee Roasters

I assure you that Steampunk Coffee is unlike any coffee shop you have ever come across. It is located in a restored brick cabin from the 1880s and has an atmosphere just as unique. Despite their less-traditional structure, they offer a traditional espresso bar with a wide range of specialty coffees and incredible coffee roasts.

Missouri: Picasso’s

Picasso’s Coffee House serves fantastic coffee, all thanks to the “Art of Coffee” that they follow in order to ensure that nothing less than exceptional brews are served. They use only the freshest locally roasted coffees and promote the artistic community through their frequent productions of art shows, book drives and live music shows at their shop.

Montana: MoAV Coffee House

MoAV Coffee House is the closest to Brooklyn that you're gonna get in Montana, and they work hard to create a communal, social environment in the coffee shop. 

Nebraska: Omaha Bicycle Co.

This shop is a mecca to all cycling caffeine addicts (shoutout to my dad). Whether it’s bike parts, cycling clothes, or superb coffee, the Omaha Bicycle Co. has you covered. They serve coffee sourced from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, based in Colorado and Kilogram Teas and Artemis Teas which are locally crafted. They strive to bring customers only high quality in regards to both their beverages and bikes.

Nevada: Blue Whale Coffee Co.

Blue Whale Coffee Co. in Reno, NV, is entirely focused on creating an environment that is both positive and authentic, while ensuring high-quality coffee to all of their customers. Frequenters have raved about the shops fantastic coffee and wonderful service.

New Hampshire: Breaking New Grounds

Breaking New Grounds has been voted the best coffee shop in New Hampshire for the past two years and on top of that, was also named the third best bakery. These titles were rightfully earned through their exquisite coffee and the friendly, community-oriented atmosphere that the shop offers.

New Jersey: Small World Coffee

There are a lot of things that I miss about growing up in New Jersey, but Small World is definitely at the top of the list. Between the classic, yet trendy ambiance and the coffee that is literally to-die-for, Small World provides an exceptionally unique and pleasant experience for every customer. If you aren’t in the Princeton area, you can also order Small World’s fantastic coffee blends online.

New Mexico: Dulce

Dulce is committed to “be fresh, be local, be good and be sweet.” All bakery items are baked fresh every day in Dulce’s beautiful open kitchen. They use all local ingredients whenever possible in their beverages and food items so that the money they spend remains in the local economy.

Dulce places high importance on the treatment of the Earth, which is why they strive to be an eco-friendly shop. Being sweet is exemplified throughout every aspect of their business; from their sugary baked goods to their sweet service.

New York: Chalait

Chalait, located in the West Village, offers a unique menu, composed of a signature line of matcha green tea beverages, specialty coffees and teas. They also offer a variety of light breakfast and lunch options. At Chalait, the two principles that they value the highest are quality and the unity of tradition and innovation.

The shop offers a trendy and sophisticated feel and a menu that is unlike any other. There may be thousands of coffee shops in NYC, but this one is definitely worth a visit.

North Carolina: Caffe Driade

Caffe Driade truly exemplifies the lifestyle of Chapel Hill, NC. It offers the perfect blend of culture and sophistication and an appreciation for the great outdoors. The cafe is located in the woods, providing the perfect location to sip coffee and be left alone with your thoughts. If the exclusive location isn’t enough, the coffee is also amazing. Caffe Driade was actually named one of America’s best coffee bars by BBC.

North Dakota: Stumbeano’s Coffee Roasters

Coffee at Stumbeano’s is described as an “art.” Their espresso is astonishingly smooth and they provide the quintessential coffee shop experience: quiet, casual and delicious.

Ohio: Pour Cleveland

Pour Cleveland is the city’s first international multi-roaster coffee bar. Their mission is to “serve really good coffee and make people happy.” They strive to uphold this seemingly simple goal by hiring baristas that are both passionate and knowledgeable, obsessing over quality and consistency and ensuring that they meticulously source coffees from the best roasters around the world.

Oklahoma: Cafe Bella

Cafe Bella is an independently owned espresso-tea bar and bistro. On top of their precise and artistic espresso and tea beverages, they offer a wide variety of bistro sandwiches and other delicious menu items to enjoy while you drink. Cafe Bella is devoted to not only sharing delicious coffee with the world, but educating everyone on its history and benefits.

Oregon: Courier Coffee Roasters

Courier Coffee is a modern and trendy cafe that still manages to maintain an old-school charm. The menu is printed onto the window and their heavenly pour-overs and lattes are served in quirky mason jars. Everything on their menu is to die for, but their cappuccino is well renowned throughout all of Portland.

Pennsylvania: Adezzo

Adezzo coffee shop and lounge has been described by many as “Scranton’s best kept secret.” Along with its killer coffee selection and incredible cuisine options, Adezzo offers a sophisticated, yet comfortable atmosphere.

Rhode Island: The Shop

The shop’s phenomenal coffee and food options are all made with direct-trade coffee, grass fed dairy and every pastry is made fresh daily by only local bakers. They conisder themselves to by focused on “well-sourced ingredients and a ton of hospitality.”

South Carolina: The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow, located in Hilton Head, SC, is well known on the island for its unparalleled coffee, confections and cocktails. They offer a wide variety of pleasing options on their menu and provide an enjoyable family-friendly atmosphere at their shop.

South Dakota: Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar

Coffee and pizza is admitabley a pretty outlandish combination, but don’t weird places like this always end up being the best?

Tennessee: Steadfast Coffee

Steadfast Coffee puts their customers first and the perfection of their coffee just as high. While they strive to produce the best cup of coffee possible, they claim that the true core of their company is their guests. A visit to Steadfast will expose you to a well-rounded coffee shop experience.

Texas: Flitch Coffee

Flitch Coffee is uniquely located inside of a vintage trailer and offers a ton of outdoor seating. All of their coffee is roasted from Texas-based beans and all pastry’s come from local bakeries. Flitch is truly an original experience.

Utah: Kaffe Mercantile

Kaffe Mercantile is quite possibly the coziest coffee shop in the world. They offer a wide variety of amazing espresso drinks, tea, Italian sodas and numerous flavors of steamy hot cocoa. In addition to their incredible beverages, they also have a number of fresh baked goodies. This cafe is a perfect pit stop after a long day on the slopes of Utah.

Vermont: Capital Grounds

Located in the capital of Vermont, this coffee shop has a unique flare geared towards the politically minded. They made the coffee just how it should be: strong. They offer a variety of flavored grinds and pride themselves on serving beans that “Bernie would be proud of.”

Virginia: Sweet Donkey Coffee House

Sweet Donkey Coffee House pays homage to the miraculous mules that used to serve as pack animals who brought coffee beans down from the mountains. This intimate and traditional coffee shop serves fantastic gourmet coffee, all coming from blends created with sustainable sources. Even better, they also serve wine, beer and waffles.

Washington: Espresso Vivace

Starbucks may call Seattle home, but when it comes to coffee, the city has much more to offer. Espresso Vivace was created due to one man’s devotion to serving the best espresso possible and he has been doing just that for the past twenty-five years. 

West Virginia: Black Dog Coffee

Black Dog believes that the secret to a great cup of coffee is all in the bean. Their commitment to serving the best cup of coffee has certainly paid off and they have been serving phenomenal micro-roasted coffee to the people of West Virginia ever since they uncovered the secret of the bean.

Wisconsin: Firefly Coffeehouse

Firefly Coffeehouse is referred to by many as “the living room of Oregon, Wisconsin.” Citizens gather there for the snuggly ambiance, but they keep coming back for the killer coffee and great service.

Wyoming: Cowboy Coffee Co.

Cowboy Coffee Co. has stood as Jackson Hole’s favorite coffee joint since 1989 by serving unparalleled brews and a welcoming environment that every customer can enjoy.