Who doesn't enjoy a good scroll through the explore page on Instagram? I don't know about you, but that's how I stay up-to-date on the new and trendy foods people are talking about. I mean, I can't tell you how many rainbow bagels I see on a daily basis, but for some reason, I enjoy every one of those pictures. 

2016 has been a year of many trends, especially for food. For some trends, it was a quick rise and fall, but for others, there's no doubt 2017 will still be seeing a lot of them. We know it's hard to keep track of what's trendy these days, so lucky for you, we summed up this year's greatest food trends. Go ahead, bask in their beauty. 

1. Rainbow Foods

cake, chocolate, candy
Hana Brannigan

Rainbow bagels are #1 on this list because the internet is still not over them. From bagels to grilled cheese, I'm starting to think there isn't anything we can't make rainbow. Wanna make these psychedelic bagels at home? You're in luck

2. Raclette

Mai Someya

It took some major research for me to find the actual name of this cheesy goodness, as it just seems to fill my Instagram feed as the "melted cheese thing." For those of you like me who didn't know what this amazingness was actually called, it goes by "Raclette," and it can be found at this specialty restaurant in NYC.

3. Galaxy Foods

doughnut, chocolate, blueberry
Julia Benson

Here lies the second of oddly colored foods on our list. It seems as though the overlying trend of 2016 was to drown your foods in a variety of food colorings and name them after things like "the galaxy." Although, I'm not going to lie, I did try to make these galaxy donuts at home, and they were ~out of this world.~ No pun intended.

4. Starbucks' Pink Drink

milkshake, smoothie, straw, strawberry, milk, ice, sweet, juice
Hana Brannigan

Summer of 2016 brought the basic betches one of Starbucks' most Insta-worthy drinks: the pink drink (insert basic betch emoji). This drink involved combining Starbucks' strawberry-açaí refresher and coconut milk. Although this drink may have fallen out of trend, you can still make it at home.

5. Freakshakes

ice cream, ice, cream, chocolate, waffle
Alex Frank

This is by far one of my favorite foods 2016 brought out. I mean people are going insane with these milkshakes. From cookies to burgers, there's really no limitation to what you can put on top of those bad boys. These shakes are definitely one to share and come at a price, but trust me, they're worth every penny. 


soup, tea, matcha, cream, green tea
Marie Chantal Marauta

Matcha lattes, matcha donuts, matcha ice cream—I could keep going but I don't want to bore you. This tasty green powder has been incorporated into many foods throughout the year, and I'm really hoping this trend doesn't come to a halt any time soon. 

7. Açaí Bowls

Caroline Ingalls

Alright, alright, I know I keep saying each of these trends are my favorite, but THIS is my favorite. I've always been a fan of smoothies, but this is basically a smoothie but WAY better. And here's a plus: you can feel semi-healthy while eating this amazing creation. Fruit and granola? Sounds healthy enough for me.

8. Melting Chocolate Balls

Max Bartick

Like the Raclette, this dessert has been flooding all of our Instagram feeds. I've seen some melting chocolate ball desserts so excessive that real gold leaf was involved in the making. Needless to say, this dessert is all about the show, but you have to be a chocolate lover to be into this one. 

9. Crazy Donuts

chocolate, sweet, candy, cake, goody, pastry, sweetmeat, sprinkles, cookie, cream, doughnut, muffin
Hana Brannigan

Donuts have always been trendy, at least in my book. However, over the past year, people have gotten really creative with their donut toppings. Donut shops, like Voodoo donuts, have been serving up creations with cereal toppings and much more. Looking to make some donuts as pretty as these ones? Check this out. 

10. Poké

salad, ceviche
Natasha Peregrim

Ok ok, poké isn't anything new to the food radar. In fact, it has ALWAYS been trendy in the Hawaiian islands. However, over the summer of 2016, trendy NYC restaurants and other city grub hubs started serving up this deconstructed sushi-like dish. Don't worry, I'm not complaining, poké is to die for. 

11. Sushirittos

sushi, rice, salmon, tuna, seafood, fish
Lily Westbrook

Yep, sushi in burrito form. Like... OF COURSE this would please the people. This trend started in the sunny state of California and has made its way across the nation, infiltrating our Insta feeds once again. But who's complaining? I could stare at those pieces of art for days.

12. Bagel Sandwiches

avocado, sandwich, cheese, bread, cheddar, turkey
Megan Storms

Ok, so bagel sandwiches (like the beloved bacon, egg, and cheese) have been popular for quite a while; however, in 2016, people have really gotten creative with their bagels. Restaurants, like Space Market in NYC, have been popping up, offering breakfast sandwiches worthy of major praise.

13. Fancy Toast

bread, sandwich
Alex Frank

Who doesn't love a good piece of avocado toast? 2016 brought a plethora of toasts to our attention, from loaded toasts to sweet potato toast. Let's just say people really got creative with their toasters. Check out this recipe to make sweet potato toast worthy of Insta fame. 

14. Rolled Ice Cream

pastry, cupcake, sweet, pasta, cake
Hana Brannigan

These little bowls of joy are probably one of the most satisfying things to watch be made. The process involves pouring the ice cream ingredients over a freezing sheet and scraping the ice cream into these oh-so-convenient rolls. Top if off with your favorite candy, fruit, or sauce and you have a true piece of art.

15. Churros

candy, cake, chocolate, sweet, Dessert, sprinkles, cookie
Hana Brannigan

Churros have always been close to my heart. However, like many of the foods on this list, 2016 brought creativity to churro art. From churro ice cream cones to fancy churro loops from The Loop, people have fallen in love with this tasty dessert once again and in a whole new way. 

16. Cauliflower > Gluten

meat, sauce, pastry, sweet, cake, grilled cheese sandwich, cheese
Paige Marie Rodgers

With gluten intolerance on the rise, people have gotten really innovative with bread alternatives in 2016. Cauliflower seemed to be one of the stars in the fight against gluten. From pizza crusts to this tasty cauliflower grilled cheese, 2016 made cauliflower cool again, and I'm so into it.

17. Dunkaroos

cream, sweet, milk, dairy product, chocolate, candy, cake, pudding
Kristi Cook

This year was all about #nostalgia. Although Dunkaroos are long gone off the grocery shelves, people couldn't take no for an answer. From classic DIY Dunkaroo recipes to Dunkaroo donuts and more, this year has brought much hope for lovers of this sweet childhood treat. 

18. Puffle Cones

chocolate, ice, cream, ice cream
Jennifer Hayashi

This was the year of the evolving ice cream cone. 2016 brought on innovations like the churro ice cream cone and the amazing puffle cone. This light and visually appealing cone can be found at Milkcraft in Fairfield, CT, and other places around the country.

19. Unicorn-Themed Foods

butter, chocolate
Arden Sarner

First rainbow, then galaxy, and now unicorn-themed foods? This year, like I said, was all about filling those foods with unnecessary (but kind of necessary) food coloring. Unicorn-colored treats (pastel colors) like ice cream, cookies, almond bark, and more starting flooding the internet, but hey, it does make a pretty treat.

20. Ube

Alex Frank

Ube, otherwise known as purple sweet potatoes, started popping up in foods, like donuts, ice cream, and more, in 2016. The striking purple color was so satisfying to the eye, foodies all over went crazy. But hey, finally a natural way to color our food, and the added sweet taste is definitely a plus. 

There you have it: 20 of the most trendy foods of 2016. What a year for strangely colored foods and innovative twists, I can only hope 2017 can live up to these expectations. But if it doesn't, we can always remember 2016 as one for the books... looking at you, açaí bowls, my one true love.