Every Oregon native, or anyone that may have caught the recent story about Oregon on the Food Channel, knows this famous urban destination: Voodoo Doughnuts.

Doughnut shop, you say? Yes. Now that I have your attention — I’d like to introduce a little piece of weirdness right here in Eugene, conveniently located near campus.

An original Portland, Oregon establishment, Voodoo Doughnuts started in 2003 as a tiny hole in the wall. It serves doughnuts 24/7 on the streets of Burnside to the drunken crowds coming from the bar scene, or to travelers looking for a midnight snack while exploring the city. The line there usually runs into the street at all hours of the day and has became an identifying trademark of one of Portland’s hottest and most distinctive destinations.

Now, 11 years later, Voodoo has expanded to a second Portland location and has brought its unique atmosphere to Eugene. Located just downtown on the corner of Broadway and Willamette, Voodoo is only a late night walk away from becoming your favorite new night spot.

opening shot voodo.jpg

Photo by Ally Barclay

Let’s talk about the vibe. Eugene folk love our hipster, alternative hangout spots and this is one which will make everyone’s mouth water.

Bright colors splatter the walls and the charismatic decor features gnomes climbing ladders and a random holiday decoration of two deer balancing red solo cups on their backs. These, and many more quirky signs and statues intrigue the visitors who come in for the ultimate doughnut experience.

Skipping to the sweet part: the doughnuts. Perhaps the best word to describe Voodoo’s doughnuts is “bizarre.”

The best way I can put it, besides absolutely mouth-watering and amazing, is that they are the ideal doughnuts for satisfying college kids’ cravings at the conclusion of those wild, late Friday nights.

The doughnuts have clever names such as “The Dirty Bastard” and “Cock and Balls.” There is also a nameless but unforgettable giant maple bar topped with bacon grabbing the attention of the students and townies alike.

menu board.jpg

Photo by Ally Barclay

Donughts loaded with Nerds, (the throwback candy we all remember), or Captain Crunch cereal resting on top of peanut-butter slathered pastries will have you smacking your lips with satisfaction for hours.

The best way I have found to decide which doughnuts to choose is by asking the employees to pick for me, by requesting ‘”the Voodoo dozen.” There is a discounted price on this collection of a dozen doughnuts, but the catch is that a Voodoo Doughnuts employee gets to pick them all for you.

Or, if you are feeling simple, you can opt to get a traditional maple bar or old-fashioned doughnut.

doughut shot.jpg

Photo by Ally Barclay

Whether you are feeling weird enough for a Oreo and Rice Krispy doughnut or just in the mood for a more classic choice, make Voodoo Doughnuts your next midnight stop.


Location: 20 E Broadway, Eugene Oregon 97401

Hours: 24/7