Attention friends: Applebee's DOLLARITA is back. The legendary $1 margarita that took our dignity by storm last October is back in action for the month of April.

If you need a refresher, the DOLLARITA is one part tequila and thee parts margarita mix served on the rocks. And, it's only $1. You can order one anytime—no apps to download, no coupons to save, no weird times you have to go. Just order it up and drink it. 

As I mentioned previously, this drink was first introduced last October. People were pretty pumped, but then a video was leaked of a someone (who claimed to work at the restaurant) making the drink with mostly water in a bucket on the floor. It looked less than appetizing, and an Applebee's spokesperson told Fox News, “We have not been able to confirm that this is an Applebee’s bartender, and the person in this video did not follow the proper preparation instructions for the DOLLARITA." And so, all was good again. 

Minus the small viral scandal, we can assume the DOLLARITA was successful, because Applebee's has introduced new cheap drink specials almost every month since. Remember the Long Island Ice Teas, Bahama Mamas, and the Absolut Vodka Lemonades? Honestly, I almost of don't, and I kind of think that's the point. 

If you ask me, the DOLLARITA is coming back at the perfect time. I consider April a shotty month. There aren't any three-day weekends, the weather is, well, it's snowing today, and it means I only have a little over 30 days to get a six pack before summertime hits. But the fact that Applebee's is serving up $1 margs again is making it a whole lot better.