It's probably hard to remember the last time you had a Long Island Iced Tea. Seriously, the drink is that strong. The cocktail contains mucho amounts of liquor, a splash of coke, and literally zero traces of tea. But that hasn't stopped people from drinking it for decades on decades. 

Starting Dec. 1, order one up yourself at Applebee's. The casual restaurant chain will be offering Long Island Iced Tea's for $1 (or as they're calling it, "the Dollar L.I.T.") for the whole month of December. A spokesperson for Applebees told Buzzfeed that the drink is one of their best selling cocktails, even hitting number one from time to time. 

#SpoonTip: Before heading to your local Applebee's to get litty, make sure you check out their site to see if your location is participating. 

You probably remember Applebee's $1 Margaritas from October, aka the Dollarita. There was a slight controversy surrounding the video of the bartender making them with mostly water (and then Applebee's claiming he was not making them right). But let's take a moment to freak out, because Long Island Iced Teas generally don't contain a mix that could be watered down, so things are about to get real weird at Applebee's this holiday season.