We are only a few days into October, and I'm already over it. It's midterms season, fall has not actually come, and we are skipping straight past PSL season for some peppermint drinks. However, in this abyss of chaos, there is one glimmer of hope: Applebee's $1 Margaritas. 

These babies are served on the rocks and are for real only $1, earning them the name, "Dollarita." Applebee's is serving up this crazy good deal for the entire month of October to "show [their] guests a little love [and give] them a totally unbeatable offer as a gesture of [their] sincere appreciation for their patronage," as stated in a press release. Yes, this is exactly how I want to be recognized for my efforts. 

The Dollarita is truly a steal at Applebee's, as the margs usually cost between $5.99 and $8.99 at the neighborhood restaurant, or even more at other establishments. I'm low-key convinced that this deal is the best part of October, even if it is just the beginning, and I'm not mad about it.