Over the past couple of months, I've come to expect Applebee's monthly drink specials. It's like my old junior year fling: wildly irresponsible, yet very, very predictable. So it's really no surprise that yesterday, the restaurant chain dropped a new drink special for the month of March: $2 vodka lemonades.

This drink special is definitely one of the most simple, at least when you compare it to the other drinks of the past—a margarita, a Long Island iced tea, and last month's bahama mama. This vodka lemonade is straight out of a college pregame. However, it's not made with Burnett's; it's made specifically with Absolut Vodka. Stepping 👏 it 👏 up 👏. 

The $2 Absolut Vodka Lemonades will be available all month long. Per usual, there's no catch—no app to download, no coupon to deliver, no other orders required. Simply just walk in, take a seat, and order up. Applebee's—you're too good to us.