Who cares about golden tickets when we could have the creamy, yet crunchy golden chocolate hazelnut balls that our good friend Ferrero makes for us? With that said, how well do we know this friend?

It turns out good old Ferrero has been a better friend than we thought and has actually been the reason why we have many of our favorite snacks, not just those pieces of gold we call Ferrero Rocher. These snacks, along with some other great attributes of the company, make up these seven reasons why Ferrero rocks.

1. They created Nutella


Photo courtesy of @nutella on Instagram

Alright, I had to mention Nutella just once. This beloved breakfast spread we all know has become a worldwide favorite, thanks to Ferrero. The Ferrero company first made Nutella back in 1964, and now it has evolved into so much more than just a breakfast spread. Nowadays, not only do people crave this perfect balance of hazelnut and creamy chocolate on their toast, but they also can’t resist getting creative and incorporating it into many baked goods and dessert recipes. Some of these include Nutella croissants, pies, and cookies.

Since Nutella has become such a success in multiple countries, Ferrero has decided to sell Nutella in collectible glass containers, each with unique designs. Even though these special containers mainly exist in European countries, the taste of Nutella itself makes any of us excited to own a jar of it, whether it’s designed or not.

2. They brought us Tic Tacs


Photo courtesy of @linzzzzyyyy on Instagram

Ferrero is pretty fresh, but did you know they were minty fresh? As in tic tac minty fresh? Yep, that’s right, our good friend Ferrero brought us our favorite mints to take on the go.

Tic Tacs first came out in 1969 and have since flourished into a worldwide popular brand of mints, available in nine different flavors. Some of these flavors including orange, fruit adventure, wintergreen, grape, and strawberry fields.

3. They surprised us with Kinder Eggs


Photo by Samantha Hickman

If you live in America, you may have no idea what these exciting eggs are since they are mostly distributed in European countries, but boy are you missing out. These eggs are made of an extremely creamy and smooth blend of chocolate. However, that’s not the only reason why they’re so popular. These chocolate eggs also come with a surprise inside, usually a small toy.

If you’re one of those people who aren’t too keen on surprises, don’t worry because Ferrero’s Kinder brand has not left you out of the loop. Kinder bars and Kinder Bueno bars still have the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth Kinder chocolate, but leave out the little surprise inside.

4. They crafted the decadent Ferrero Pralines


Photo by Samantha Hickman

The size of these pralines makes for a huge surprise when you taste how many different flavors and textures Ferrero has packed in such a small product. Each sphere has a toasted nut inside, surrounded by a type of cream. This is then encased in a crisp wafer ball and decorated with either nuts, coconut flakes, or chocolate on the outside.

The golden-wrapped chocolate hazelnut pralines, known as Ferrero Rocher, have gained a lot of popularity in multiple countries. So much popularity that people tend to think it is the only one Ferrero has to offer. However, since Ferrero first started making these pralines in 1982, the company has come up with seven different pralines. These flavors include Ferrero Rondnior, Ferrero Cappuccino, Ferrero Manderly, and Raffaello.

5. They promote healthy living with Kinder+Sport


Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Kinder+Sport is a global project created by the Ferrero Group to promote a healthy and joyful lifestyle through psychical activity. This project has already been changing the lives of younger generations in 25 different countries, not only teaching them different forms of physical activity, but also leadership and teamwork skills. The Ferrero Group has teamed up with over 40 federations and associations and 3 olympic committees to come up with over 700 different events so far.

6. They can be found worldwide


Photo courtesy of sewingstars.deviantart.com

Ferrero is not only diverse because of its variety in products, but also because of its variety in locations. Currently, the Ferrero Group can be found in 53 different countries and sells products in over 160 different countries. It is great to see how Ferrero eliminates any language or culture barriers and makes it possible to share its delicious products and passionate causes with everyone across the globe. This also means that a career with Ferrero leads to a large extended family of growing opportunities.

7. Their products have inspired creativity


Photo by Helena Lin

Ferrero’s products taste great by themselves, but they can taste even better with a little personal flair. People all over the world have added their own personal touch to Ferrero products, whether it be in delicious recipes or funny food art.

This has lead to the amazing creation of recipes like nutella s’mores lasagna and nutella and banana spring rolls. Their products have also inspired fun food art ideas, like when Despicable Me’s minions were printed onto tic tacs and Ferrero Rocher wrappers were used to make sculptures.