If you're feeling guilty for spending that extra $1.80 on the guacamole, don't. These 8 reasons why you should splurge are more than enough to ignore that guilt and focus on the guac. And honestly it shouldn't even be a question. It's guac...come on.

1. Vitamin E

Avocados contain Vitamin E and Folate, which reduce your risk of heart disease, so basically you're saving your own life by adding that guac.

2. You deserve it

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Alex Weiner

Besides the health benefits of avocados, guacamole tastes great. And maybe you have had a bad week (or you haven't), but either way you deserve to have a little spice in your life.

3. Vitamin C

Skip out on the citrus for the day and add that guac instead to get the Vitamin C and help your immune system out. You are preventing illness and making your bowl taste even better, so basically it's two birds, one stone.

4. It's not that expensive

Think about it. What else are you going to do with that $1.80? That's practically pocket change, you could find it in your couch, in your piggy bank, in your wallet... and you can't buy anything as amazing as guacamole for a dollar and 80 cents. 

5. Lose that extra pound

Guacamole is packed with fiber, making you stay fuller longer, and thus making you eat less. So basically eating more makes you eat less: science. 

6. Eating avocados is associated with having a better diet 

So there was a study done that showed that those who consumed avocados were associated with having better diets overall. And what's the number one ingredient in guac? Avocados. Boom, you're now healthy af for just eating guac. 

7. Avocados might be linked to cancer prevention

There are a ton of antioxidants in guacamole that are cancer-preventative. So add that scoop of guac because avocado fat might kill cancer stem cells. 

8. It's just good

Come on, who can say no to guac? It's just unreal, so add it and stop feeling so f*cking guilty.