If you paid attention to the internet earlier this week, you’ll know that Chipotle blessed us all with a Cinco de Mayo gift from the heavens, the recipe to their guacamole.

Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of guacamole or avocados until I tried Chipotle’s on a whim, and after a few tastes, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve spent hours scouring Pinterest looking for people’s cheap imitations of Chipotle’s guacamole. Nothing has come close.


Photo by Shavonna Q. Hinton

Then the recipe was released. #Blessed. So I headed to my local grocer and picked up the ingredients I would need to tantalize my taste buds later on that evening.  I probably spent a good five minutes squeezing each avocado to find just the right amount of firmness and squishiness.

When I went to check out, I was beaming from ear to ear and blurted out to the cashier, “I’m going to attempt to make the Chipotle guacamole recipe they put online.” Her response was less than thrilling, “Oh. Cool. Your total is $7.35”.

I arrived home and began my mission. I cut the avocados, tossed them in lime juice and salt, and added the veggies. Then I went to taste. Victory! Sort of. It was good, but not Chipotle good. The consistency was a little too chunky (I don’t think I got the best avocados), and the flavor was slightly off. Still, I finished half the bowl that same night.


Photo by marinmamacooks

The thing about Chipotle’s guac is that the recipe and directions are super simple. It is guacamole after all, not a soufflé. Everyone assumed that the recipe involved some secret blend of dozens of herbs and spices that combined into a flavor explosion when eaten. However, it’s actually just a lot of basics that most people already have. True to their mission, everything was natural and fresh.

I’m happy Chipotle released the recipe, although it did take away some of the mystery of wondering why it’s so good. However, I’m still convinced they left out a “secret” ingredient. Cocaine perhaps? I’m about 73% sure they put it in everything they make because I’m a Chipotle addict.

My adventures into trying to make guacamole are done for now and I’ll probably head to Chipotle within the next few days to get the real deal, but I’m proud of my small victory. Maybe next time I’ll try and figure out how to create Kripsy Kremes world famous donut glaze (just kidding).