Last meeting, our Spoon Chapter at Syracuse University was lucky enough to receive cookies and other sweets from Milk Bar--otherwise known as my favorite bakery. I have been obsessed with Milk Bar ever since I took their cake making class at their kitchen in Brooklyn. Considering I fell in love with their cakes and of course, their cake truffles, I figured the cookies were well worth a try. In my article, I will rank the six cookies that were sent to us in the "Assorted Cookie Tin". My criteria for the perfect cookie includes a delicious tasting cookie and an appetizing appearance. Let the ranking begin...

1. Compost Cookie:

This cookie is by far my favorite and comes in at #1 in my ranking. It is loaded with unusual cookie ingredients like potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch, and even coffee! But it is these ingredients that make it stand out-- it just somehow works. On the outside, it is perfectly golden brown and makes visible the snacks that give it its crunchy, yet chewy, texture. This is a must for all cookie lovers who also love salty snacks.  

2. Confetti Cookie:

I have always been a Milk Bar cake truffle fanatic. To me, this is the cookie version of a cake truffle. It is chewy, moist--and the best part about it is it is loaded with sprinkles! The cookie itself packs a strong vanilla flavor, resembling that of a birthday cake. It is also a definite looker! Its colorful sprinkles make it the perfect treat to serve at any party.

3. Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookie:

This cookie is definitely towards the top of my list. It is perfectly chewy from the marshmallows, but has a great crunchy texture from the corn flake cereal. The creator of this cookie, Christina Tosi, is all about making nostalgic treats using childhood favorites like cereal. The variety of textures combine to make a cookie that's harmoniously gooey and crispy. Each cookie has a balance of the add-ins mixed throughout, making every bite the perfect bite. 

4. Blueberry & Cream Cookie:

This cookie tastes just like a blueberry muffin. It has a sugary crunch on the outside, but a soft and chewy blueberry center. I would rank this cookie especially high in looks too. It can compliment any gathering without stealing the show completely. It has just the right amount of blueberries and the addition of Milk Bar's signature "milk crumbs" help to create a harmony of flavors.

5. Corn Cookie:

Chewy, soft, and buttery, this corn cookie is a stroke of pure genius. This cookie seriously stands out--and in the best way possible. I mean, who but Milk Bar would be able to make corn the star of a sweet dessert? Christin Tosi says she was inspired by Sunday morning corn bakes from her grandmother. In my opinion, the most important ingredient in a cookie is love. If this doesn't show the love that goes into these cookies, I don't know what does.

6. Chocolate Chocolate Cookie:

Last, but certainly not least, we have our chocolate chocolate cookie coming in at #6. To be honest, this cookie was seriously delicious...I am just not a fan of chocolate cookies. I will say that in both taste and in appearance, it exceeded my expectations. This cookie is perfect for any chocolate lover. It really tastes more like a brownie than a cookie and frankly, I am not mad about it.

I hope you enjoyed my ranking of these cookies. If you would like to take the ranking challenge on your own, you can order the Assorted Cookie Tin from Milk Bar for only $20.00! And...I strongly encourage it. I mean it's cookies after all, what could be bad?