Panama has been one of the most underrated coffee gems for far too long. Combine the country's highlands and tropical climate with the careful care and professional expertise of the farmers, and you'll get a variety of unique and flavorful coffee—the type of coffee you really can't get anywhere else. So, for all of you coffee enthusiasts out there, here is a guide to the best coffee shops in Panama. 

Café Unido 

If really good coffee is what you are looking for, you've just found your home. Unido has been known for providing coffees straight from Panama's best coffee province, Chiriqui. 

Whether you are craving something as simple and familiar as a cup of hot coffee or an espresso, or something more elaborated like a macchiato with almond milk or a white chocolate frappe, there's no way you can go wrong with one of Unido's pours.

Mentiritas Blancas

This pet-friendly coffee shop is home to what might perhaps be the best cappuccino in town. From the moment you walk in, Mentiritas Blancas's warm and cozy environment, mixed with the unique scent of local coffee, captures your attention and your heart.

Amazonia Republic

Out of all the different coffee varieties, arábica is the one you'll never be able to refuse. With coffee straight from Boquete, Chiriqui, this boutique shop offers even more than coffee. With orchids, chocolates, and the country's signature Panama Hats, this is the perfect place to buy Panama's essentials. 

Their infusions and frappe variations are truly unique—the kind of culinary delights you can't leave Panama without tasting.


If you are someone who believes brewing coffee is an art and science, Leto isn't going to disappoint you. Known as the first artisanal coffee brew bar in Panama, Leto is here to revolutionize the way we all drinking coffee. 

If you're someone who really appreciates the quality of a good cup of coffee and the knowledge and attention of baristas, I'm happy to say you've found your second home. 


Don't think that you can only find good coffee in the city. You can find Kotowa's coffee available all through the country in places like La Chorrera, Río Hato, Santiago de Veraguas, David, Boquete, and San Carlos. 

For years, they've been known as the best of Panama, and have even been awarded international prizes for their unique quality. This is, without a doubt, a classic that never fails to deliver. 

Bajareque Coffee House

Notorious for their award winning beans, Bajareque is located in both Panama City and Boquete. Their mission is to make the utter best coffee produced, totally accessible to you. 

If you are ever in the Casco Antiguo, Panama's historic district, this is a mandatory stop. It's the roasting business of the Lamastus family and one of the only places you can get the country's signature coffee in a convenient location. 

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Kelsey Emery

Next time you decide to visit panama, or if you're a coffee-obsessed local looking for a new coffee shop, don't worry—you have a guide to the best coffee shops in Panama that will not only delight your tastebuds but will give an experience to all your other senses.