I don’t know about you, but every time I stumble home from a night out I feel like I run into a new food truck (figuratively and literally). From grilled cheese to tacos, there is a truck nearby to satisfy my drunken cravings.

Waking up with buffalo sauce on my shirt (thank you, Big Cheeze) and gyro sauce in my bed (thank you, Gyro Truck) are not rare occurrences. But don’t take the stains on my belongings as proof of greatness. Try them out yourself, and visit one of the rolling restaurants below.

The Big Cheeze

Found on Kirkwood across from Kilroy’s, The Big Cheeze will make your cheese dreams come true. From cheese fries to a mac and cheese grilled cheese, you can get everything cheese you need here. Did I mention cheese? Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all things Big Cheeze.

Finally got pictures taken of our sandwiches. We present to you, the #MacDaddy! @foodporndaily #foodporn

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Hoosier Doggie?

No really, Hoosier Doggie? Often found at the Chocolate Moose, this food cart is a man’s best friend. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see where the weenies are.

The Tamale Cart

The Tamale Cart buys fresh, local ingredients to serve some of the best Mexican food in town. So next time your friends say, “you need to stop eating things from trucks.” Say, “it’s helping the local Bloomington community,” then order yourself a taco. They can usually be found outside of Atlas, but follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to see exactly where they are and when.

p.s. Their Instagram is the definition of drool worthy.

up close and personal with today's #lamb #bacon torta #brunch #ttc

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Gypsy Moon Truck

Serving up lots of soul and tons of local ingredients, this food truck delivers some of the freshest food around. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see where the moon is movin’.

The Gyro Truck

Firstly, gyro is pronounced yeer-oh. Now that we have established the proper pronunciation, go to this food truck and order one. They don’t come with ceramic plates to smash on the ground, but they taste like the should. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get your gyro on. Opa!

food trucks

Image Courtesy of Btown Menus

Gimme Sum Moe

From tacos to hot dogs, this food cart has it all. Usually located outside of Atlas Bar and at Chocolate Moose, this is one late-night cart you don’t want to miss. Don’t believe me? I watched this man put bacon bits on a hot dog. If that doesn’t get you to go I don’t know what will. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get sum moe.

food trucks

Photo by Mary Voelker

Because these restaurants are on wheels, they are constantly moving around Bloomington. So follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see where these trucks are trucking to and when.