This is my last semester of undergrad, and my graduate school for accounting starts in the fall—I’m FLIPPING OUT. I still feel like a clueless, dramatic child. But there's about one month of debauchery, overdrive stress, and undergrad drama left, and sometimes it's good to go out with a bang, you know? Here are 13 things worth blowing your money on your last month of college, whether you’re entering the workforce immediately or taking the easy way out like me and going to grad school. 

1. Concerts With Every Artist You’ve Ever Wanted to See

Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

Dr. Dog, flipturn, King Complex, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala—in total, I’ve spent $325 on concert tickets in the past month. It’s an exhilarating, lone teardrop as I watch my bank account dwindle. However, I’d spend triple the money since listening to live music, with friends or rocking alone, is one of the highest experiences my body knows. Nothing makes me happier than drums in my ears and dance-induced sweat on my neck.

2. *Expensive* Craft Beers at the Bar

Mackenzie Patel

Last Saturday, I dropped $15 for two plastic cups of beer at a local bar. Guinness and Swamphead’s Big Nose were the creamy/hoppy cherries on the cake, their tipsy additions making the local music sound incredible. I’m past the stage of frothing keg stands or Natty Lights – I want the snobby, “connoisseur beverages" that make me feel like an adult.

3. Wine That Isn't Two Buck Chuck

Mackenzie Patel

I'm all about two buck chuck, but stepping outside your Trader Joe's comfort zone can be so tasty. I recently purchased Apothic Brew wine for $15, and my limited wine world was shattered. The smoother sip and classy vibes was well worth the extra money. 

4. A Food-Related Study Abroad Program

cheese, canoli, pastry, sweet, Italy, italian
Amelia Hitchens

My friend is going on a "Food Production To Consumption" tour of Italy this summer, including the balmy cities of Florence, Venice, Rome, and more. She's touring a winery, a cheese factory, and an olive oil plant, and I couldn't be more jealous. Delay graduation by one summer semester and take the extra foodie credits. 

5. A Cooking Class for Pasta, Bread, Etc.

penne alla vodka, pasta, homemade, dorm, Easy
Tess Citron

Learning to make tortellini has been a dream of mine since watching the first episode of "Chef's Table" on Massimo Bottura. Time and experience-intensive foods are a labor of dirty aprons and frazzled hair, but it's worth the $50 per class. My university offers leisure courses in bread making and wine tasting, and the workshops are a great way to meet other foodies. 

6. A Trip to Spoon University Headquarters in NYC (Or Another Destination)

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Alex Weiner

This is a little specific and personal, but it’s been a goal of mine to visit SpoonU Headquarters in NYC during senior year. Even if you’re not a Spoonie, traveling to a city or country you’ve had on your bucket list is perfect for senior year. Blow some money, drink some wine, and you’ll leave “the best four years of your life” with nothing undone.

7. Way-Too-Expensive Boozy Brunches

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Christin Urso

Alcohol is expensive. Chicken and Waffles is also usually exorbitantly priced. Combine the two, and your bill at brunch is bound to be hefty. Although the rest of the day will be a dry-mouthed blur, an A-Game boozy brunch will be one for social media.

8. Expensive Banquets and Mixers At Your Local Museum

Mackenzie Patel

My University museum, The Harn Museum, is always hosting bougie fundraising events for traveling exhibitions and museum maintenance. These banquets and mixers cost up to $75 per person, but the attraction of a wine bar, chicken piccata dinners, and fantastic art is too strong to pass up. 

9. A Restaurant on a "50 Best Places to Eat Dessert" List

We've all seen those lists, "The 50 Best Brownies in America" or "The 10 Best Places to Get Dessert in Nashville." It's time to splurge and check off some of those bucket-list desserts such as golden donuts and nitrogen ice cream. It's better to indulge than regret not gorging on Nutella-filled cronuts.

The End of an Era

Mackenzie Patel

The concept of life after college is unthinkable, so embrace the time you have left and spend some money on it. I’ve got two more years of graduate school left at the University of Florida, but even the transition between ungrad and grad is difficult for me. I’m expected to suddenly become more mature or educated… No, thank you. I rather spend my money on boozy brunches and museum happy hours.