There are two types of dessert-eaters. You either stick with the classic chocolate chip cookies or you dare to try the most unusual sugary creations (Nutella on tap, anyone?). It’s easy – and yummy – to eat what you’re familiar with, but you’ll miss out on so many sweet adventures. So we’ve rounded up the craziest desserts from around the world that you have to try.

1. Apple Balloon

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @infatuation_chi on Instagram

You can get a balloon dessert made out of dehydrated apple from the ultra-luxe restaurant Alinea, in Chicago, IL. The balloon is filled with helium and you have to suck it all out before you eat it, which makes the experience even more fun. The balloon and string are both made out of apple and are completely edible. Check out this video that shows you how to eat it.

2. Matcha Plant Terrarium

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @uknowminya on Instagram

At Oliver Maki in London, you can get this matcha tiramisu that looks like a plant terrarium. The dessert may look like a dome filled with a mini garden, but its really filled with whipped coffee and matcha cream. Not sure if you’d like matcha? Check out all of its benefits.

3. Golden Donut

Desserts From Around the World

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At the Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, NY, you can try this golden donut. It’s filled with purple yam mousse, Cristal champagne jelly, and then dusted with 24K gold dust and a gold leaf. But beware, if you wanna try this intricate dessert, you better start setting aside some money now – it costs $100 for just one.

4. Nitrogen Ice Cream

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @cemiyavi on Instagram

At Lab Made in Hong Kong, you can get this ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. The ice cream comes in super unique flavors like manila mango pudding and custard bun. Plus, the ice cream is always made to order, so you’ll get the freshest experience.

5. Black Tap Milkshake

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @blacktapnyc on Instagram

You’ve definitely seen or heard about these crazy milkshakes. They come from Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer in New York City and they basically contain several desserts in one colorful glass. The peppermint Oreo milkshake has peppermints, Thin Mints, Oreos, AND ice cream… what more could you want? Find out why they’re receiving so much praise.

6. Nutella-Filled Cronut

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @speedoscafe on Instagram

This Australian dessert is a deadly combo – in the best way possible. The cronut (croissant + doughnut) is injected with loads of Nutella and then topped with even more chocolate. Dare to try it at Speedos Cafe in Sydney, Australia. Can’t make it to Australia? Make your own Nutella-filled cinnamon sugar croissants.

7. Soft Serve on Cotton Candy

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @izraaaaaa on Instagram

You heard right. At Room For Dessert in the Philippines, your soft serve is served on top of a mound of cotton candy. As if that wasn’t enough, you can top your ice cream with even more sweets, from Kit Kats to chocolate chip cookies. You will definitely need to save some room for dessert to eat here. Check out CottonHi, where they do the opposite and put cotton candy on top of the soft serve.

8. Improvisation Dessert

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @atumdesserant on Instagram

At the Atum Desserant in Hong Kong, you can order a dessert that looks like a work of art. There is no recipe, each time someone orders the dessert, the chef prepares a new and improvised whimsical dessert in front of you. The desserts include ice cream, chocolate, candy, and more.

9. Chocolate Explosion

Desserts From Around the World

Photo courtesy of @theduchessamsterdam on Instagram

Come dine at The Duchess in Amsterdam to experience this unique dessert for chocolate-lovers. The Chocolate Explosion is a chocolate dome that’s filled with mousse, macarons, fudge, and more chocolate. The dome is cracked right in front of you, which is super fun.

10. Jellyfish Ice Cream

Desserts From Around the World

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Say whaaaat? Lick Me I’m Delicious, an ice cream store in the UK, makes this glow-in-the-dark ice cream made out of jellyfish protein. That might be the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. But beware, a scoop of this jellyfish ice cream will cost you $200. Check out these other crazy ice cream flavors.