Spoon University? Spoon University. Learn the name because we’re about to be one of the hottest student orgs on campus. Spoon is a national organization founded by two hungry college women, that has spread to over 150 campuses and garnered over 5,000 contributors worldwide.

It’s our generations Food Network—a place for 20-somethings to learn everything from the best eats in their city, to the best hangover cures for Sunday mornings, to food news, to kitchen hacks and recipes that can make even the most novice chefs look like complete ballers in their dorm kitchen, and everything in between. The best part is that Spoon has made its way to UNH, and our chapter is ready to eat our way through campus (and beyond). If you want to be a part of a tight-knit food-lovers club, this org is for you. Here are nine reasons why Spoon UNH thinks you should come Spoon with us.

1. We eat a lot.

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Whether it’s bringing a bomb new food to our weekly meetings, getting together for potluck dinners, or just grabbing grub together in our free time, we never stop eating. Never. Why would we? We don’t judge here.

2. You can finally Instagram your meals in peace.

Spoon UNH

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I really don’t know when the shame-people-for-taking-pics-of-their-pretty-food craze started, but I don’t like it. If my food looks dope, I’m sure as hell going to share it with the world so people know I’m as cool as I think I am. Whenever my friends ask, “Are you serious…?” or “Did you take the picture, can we eat now?” I just tell them I need pics for Spoon, even if I don’t, and they leave me alone. Truly blessed. (But I’m going to regret admitting this, I know it.)

3. We can make you faaaamous. *Kanye Voice*

Spoon UNH

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Only kind of kidding. You have the opportunity to write really creative articles that can go viral through Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Our writers have tens of thousands of page views on single articles, how cool is that? Your friends from other schools will find your work on their news feeds, and that is arguably an even better feeling than thousands of clicks from strangers. Not a writer? Photographs or videos you make with Spoon have the same opportunity. You could have the next dope idea, don’t waste it.

4. Your friends will come to you for food advice.

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When you’re as connected as Spoon is, you’re the first to know about the coolest food trends, news and happenings both worldwide and in your local area. Chances are, if they have a question or need food advice, you’ll have the answer they’re looking for.

5. Make a difference.

Spoon UNH

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This year Spoon UNH not only wants to have fun and try new things in the food world, we want to give back. We’re going to work with local food pantries and other volunteer opportunities throughout the year, because if you really care about food, you want everyone to have enough of it.

6. Boost your resumé.

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Spoon University is a big company, and a well known one at that. In the food and bev industry, we’re a growing name among networks with a wide reach. When it comes to applying for jobs and internships, having the media experience you get from working with a company like Spoon—as a writer, photographer, videographer, editor, social media or marketing specialist—looks dope to employers. There are plenty of opportunities for leadership roles if that tickles your fancy.

7. Make a name for yourself on a big campus.

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Going to a big school can be hard sometimes. It’s so easy to blend in and get by, but why do that when you can be known for something great? Take advantage of our platform and spread the word about things you care about. We also put on fun events throughout the school year. Get involved.

8. You don’t have to be a writer to join.

Spoon UNH

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We have tons of positions within our chapter that don’t require masterful writing—photography, videography, social media, marketing, and the list goes on. The main thing we want are people who want to be involved and would care about our chapter!

9. Cool professional opportunities.

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Spoon University HQ does a lot for the dedicated contributors of the Spooniverse. They have conferences and internship opportunities in the summer, even job opportunities when you graduate. It’s an amazing chance to be a part of a quickly expanding start up.

If you want more information on specific positions in Spoon, peep this. If you’re interested in joining the movement, you’re going to want to go here. And finally, if you have any questions or concerns please email me (Spoon UNH’s Editorial Director) at abo55@wildcats.unh.edu.