Venture capital firms are throwing money at food technology companies, with more than $1 billion in investments and 200% year-over-year growth in 2014. In the first half of 2015 alone, food startups raised more than $750 million.

Whether it be making your #eatingfortheinsta pics look on point with special food filters, or delivering food at any hour of the day while you’re busy working, these startups are changing the food game.

1. Byte

I think everyone is guilty of ordering random junk food or unhealthy tasteless food for lunch just to go back to work at your desk. Byte is trying to change this common problem.

The company installs smart “vending machines” stocked with healthy local food every day. The food can be customized to your office and track all sorts of interesting data on eating habits. Perfect for those offices that can’t afford a Google cafeteria just yet.

2. Chefs Feed

Have you ever wondered late at night, “where do chefs eat?” Well, there’s an app for that. ChefsFeed gathers all the best chefs and connects them with people in an “unfiltered and relevant way.” They aim to help diners and foodies find where to eat based on what the experts say. But #imho, everyone who eats a lot (like me) is considered an “expert.”

3. Beyond Meat

You’ve probably heard about this crazy new meat dubbed “the world’s first plant based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like fresh ground beef.” It even bleeds!

While probably no longer a “startup” in the traditional sense, this company has done incredibly well in recent years and has massive support from Kleiner Perkins, Bill Gates, The Humane Society, PETA, and Tyson Foods.

4. Favor Delivery

Ever had that problem where you’re too lazy to get out of your house but could really go for some donuts from your favorite local bakery? Consider sending a runner to go get it for you. This company’s motto is the “easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour.”

5. Reserve

Have you ever spent hours deciding on where to go and eat with your family and friends? Now there’s some help besides Yelp. “Reserve helps guests discover restaurants, book reservations and get personalized service.” Some of the best restaurants in the city are available at your fingertips.

6. Arable Labs Inc.

This company recently unveiled a Pulsepod, a “professional-grade crop and weather sensor that’s solar powered” and constantly monitors crop growth, rainfall, water demand, light and heat levels and can even tell when the crops are ripe. This technology is a game changer as smart reliable data is becoming essential in transforming the food business.

7. Full Harvest

Full Harvest has a simple mission: “We connect large farms to food companies to sell surplus and imperfect produce.” They hope to bring farms additional revenue, reduce wasted food and resources, and lower healthy food production costs.

Oftentimes, consumers are unwilling to purchase “ugly” produce and it ends up going to waste. However, this company is tackling that problem head on and disrupting a very traditional industry and its practices while solving food waste.

8. Munchery

What article about food startups would be complete without some sort of weekly meal plan/DIY cooking kit company?

Munchery is changing the game by not only offering cooking kits delivered to your door, but also pre-made healthy delicious meals that you can quickly heat up and enjoy. Not only is the packaging all recyclable, but they also donate to a local food bank in your city!

The world all around us is changing and cool innovative companies are changing the way we see, interact, and eat food. Whether you’re just hungry and looking for that late night bite, or if you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to revolutionize the food industry with your next million dollar idea, get out there and start creating!