When I first heard of Beyond Meat's new "bloody" plant-based burger through Facebook, I was immediately intrigued. The caption of the video reads, "These meatless burgers taste, feel, and even bleed exactly like beef." Bleed? Since when do plants bleed? Strange, but I needed to know more. I clicked play and almost couldn't believe what I saw. 

The Science 

According to the video, creators of this burger use a "blood-like compound" found in plants to give them their meaty flavor and appearance. I later discovered that this "blood" comes from beet juice... clever, right? They also use coconut oil to mimic the melty beef fat of a real hamburger. Interesting, I thought to myself as I silently commended the scientists behind this creation.

While I was thrilled about this incredible advancement in the plant-based world, I was still slightly skeptical. Is it actually possible to create an exact replica of a meaty hamburger using only plants? Let's find out. 

The Challenge  

As a vegan of about two years, I am inevitably bias — but I became an advocate for these plant-based burgers from the minute I found out that they use 74% less water and 95% less land than traditional beef burgers.

For this exact reason, I decided I needed another person's honest opinion in order to save everyone from my one-sided review; more specifically, someone who enjoys meat on the regular. I managed to recruit my best friend Molly, who just so happens to be a world-renowned beef connoisseur (not really, but she would do). 

The Cooking Process

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Samantha Doyle

From the minute I placed the plant-based burger on the skillet, I was blown away. The smell and texture were strikingly similar to real beef; the video was not exaggerating about the melty "fat" or the "bloody" appearance. The cooking instructions advise to only cook the patty for three minutes on each side, leaving the interior reddish-pink. Rare, bloody meat? No thank you. Rare, bloody meatless meat? I guess so. 

Vegan's Review

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Samantha Doyle

To be completely honest, when I first bit into this thick, juicy, plant-based burger, I was completely freaked out. I mean, I haven't eaten an actual hamburger since Donald Trump was still hosting The Apprentice.

That being said, I've completely lost every ounce of desire for the taste of actual meat. Don't get me wrong, I think these plant-based burgers are revolutionary. They taste so similar to real beef that I sincerely feared I was eating actual cow for a second. For that reason, I most likely won't enjoy these on the regular. However, these faux burgers make me incredibly hopeful for the future of plant-based meat substitutes

Carnivore's Review

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Samantha Doyle

Now, an honest review from my carnivorous companion:

"The plant-based burger is a little bit less dense and not as juicy as your typical hamburger. I can personally tell it's not authentic, but I have to admit that it's strikingly similar. Honestly, if there was some kind of cheese on it, you would most likely be able to trick someone into thinking it is real meat."

"It's definitely no In-N-Out or Shake Shack replica, but if you're looking for a healthier alternative, this plant-based burger is the real deal. I will 100% buy these in the future." 

The Final Verdict

If you're not crazy about hamburgers to begin with, Beyond Meat's Plant-Based Beyond Burger may be all too real for you. However, in terms of nutrition, the Beyond Burger blows your typical beef lard patty out of the water.

With 20 grams of protein, 13% more iron, and no cholesterol, and virtually the same taste, it's hard to not be impressed with the plant-based version of this product. While a number of faux meat products contain alarming amounts of soy, gluten, or genetically modified ingredients, the Beyond Burger manages to avoid all of the above. Aside from the taste, the environmental aspect alone should be enough to send you light-jogging to your nearest Whole Foods. 

Whether you're a die hard meat-lover or a vegan, I urge you to give this plant-based burger a try. Besides, who needs real cow blood now that plant blood exists?