As we vote in the upcoming presidential elections, Americans have a hard choice to make when it comes to picking the next great leader of our nation. We can all agree that both candidates have had their fair share of drama, but there’s one candidate who has really crossed the line with his misogynistic and utterly offensive comments about women—Donald Trump.

Trump’s most recent scandal is the “locker room talk” where he admits to forcefully groping and kissing a woman claiming that “if you're a star, they’ll let you do it." How lovely that a potential president of the United States may openly promote sexual assault. Now, I’m not claiming to be a die hard Hillary fan, because let’s be real, she’s no perfect candidate either, but as Americans, we have the option to pick the lesser of two evils.

I hope that all of you have registered to vote and URGE you all to go to the polls to cast your vote. As I prepare to cast my own vote, here are some repulsive things I would much rather eat before ever giving Trump my vote.

1. Sourtoe Cocktail

Originating in Canada, this novelty cocktail was created when a local miner lost his toe due to frostbite and kept it in a jar of moonshine to conserve it. Nearly 50 years after his passing, a sailor found the toe and took it to the local saloon, where he started dipping the toe in the drinks of those who were brave enough to try it. While the original toe was accidentally swallowed, the saloon gets multiple offers from toe amputees to make sure the tradition never dies. 

2. Puffer Fish

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Fugu is a type of sushi containing a rare fish called puffer fish. Seen as a delicacy in a lot of Asian countries, it's a type of fish that can be lethal when not prepared correctly. Often referred to as "culinary Russian roulette," the puffer fish could potentially kill you after only consuming one bite. Still, I'll play some Russian roulette if it means keeping Trump out of office.

3. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Don’t be fooled; these aren't your typical freshwater oysters. Also enjoyed in Canada, Rocky Mountain oysters are actually bull testicles. They are typically coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried, and served with cocktail sauce. I guess I'll just grab these by the balls since I can do anything, right?

4. Tequila Worm

Anyone remember that episode of George Lopez when George eats the worm out of the tequila bottle and starts tripping hard? Well, this myth goes back a long time as Mexicans believed that the worm, which is actually a larva, contained magical powers and gave you hallucinations. Whether that’s true or not, I wouldn’t mind chugging this buddy down as long I chase it down with a couple of shots. 

5. Frog Legs

Frog legs are big deal over in France and several Asian countries, but they have managed to hop their way over to the US. These bad boys are an appetizer best served deep fried with a dipping sauce.

6. Pickles

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Sarah Silbiger

Yeah, I know pickles aren't some strange or exotic food, but to me they're the equivalent to death. They're just nasty. I'll probably get lots of haters on this, but you have to admit that soaking a perfectly fresh cucumber in vinegar and eating it after it gets soggy and mushy is just gross.