Not to knock Animal Crackers or Doritos, but an update to vending machines has been long overdue. Some pretty cool (and possibly questionable) new vending variations have popped up across the country… if only Whispers would jump on this bandwagon.

1. Burrito Box

If you thought going to Chipotle was quick, imagine getting your burrito from a machine. Burrito Box has introduced several kiosks in LA that allow customers to choose between five different burritos using a touch screen, each selling for $3. The company even states that the burritos are 100% natural and contain “cage-free” eggs.


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2. Moobella

Remember the days when you walked into the store and made your own fro-yo creation at self-serve stores like 16Handles? Ah, so long ago. Now, there’s Moobella, a self-serve ice cream machine in New England. It may be ice cream instead of frozen yogurt, but the company has reduced the fat by 90% in each fun flavor, including cake batter and black raspberry. And no worries, toppings lovers — they have those too.


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3. Farmer’s Fridge

You’d think the concept of vending machine salad would basically guarantee stale, frozen lettuce and flavorless veggies. Farmer’s Fridge, a new vending machine company in Chicago, defies those assumptions with fresh, healthy, and sustainable food. The eco-friendly box offers various recyclable jars containing everything from elaborate salads to greek yogurt and even chicken. The company takes freshness seriously… these guys get up every morning at 5am to chop, prepare, and cook their creations so that the food is in the “fridge” by 10am.


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 4. Diji-touch

Diji-touch is the future of the typical vending machine. It offers classics like Oreos and Sour Patch Kids, but completely changes the experience. Using the touch screen, you can view your selection in 3D (not quite sure why this is necessary) and read its nutrition info. A friendly (and creepy) touch: it will even thank you for choosing that snack.


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So fear not, my vending-machine-phobic friends. Those outdated metal boxes are finally becoming healthier, more diverse and some will even say an affectionate goodbye to you.