Newsflash: It’s 2014. Technology has advanced ridiculously; now, instead of calling your local pizzeria and placing an order, you can download an app and have it do it for you, then (much like magic) the food will appear at your front door. Wow.

But, with so many apps available, how do you know which ones are the best? Well, I got your back. I downloaded several food delivery apps and messed around with them. I analyzed their G.U.I. (graphic user interface) and how easy they were to navigate.


GrubHub is probably one of the more well known food delivery apps. It’s friendly in appearance, easy to navigate and is also (the best aspect) very descriptive. You just click on a restaurant, navigate the menu, click on the desired item and add it to your ‘cart’. It is very quick, so it’s easy to see why this app is so popular.


Eat24 is better looking, more confusing (less information is as viewable as quickly as GrubHub). I think this app spent too much time on aesthetics and less on customer experience. It is still a moderately good app for what it’s worth (free).


Seamless is not so seamless. If there aren’t any open and ready restaurant options near you, you can’t view them. This seems to make sense but it’s very frustrating to not even be able to scroll through and look at menus for future reference. It’s ridiculously beautiful in looks and I’m sure if you happen to live near an open restaurant it would be a nice app. I guess it’s just my loss. looks a lot like Facebook. I absolutely love how you can look up places either by your need for food or booze (both of these needs should be separately addressed!). It’s very easy to navigate and use, and is definitely my favorite of these apps.


HealthyOut is definitely the best app for people who want to know everything about what they’re eating or are health conscious. You can explore different dishes and definitions of what is ‘good’, as well as where to find it. You can add where you’d like to eat to a wish list. It’s a very cute app and my second favorite. It also warns you about allergies, which is very thoughtful.


Next time you and your friends have a hankering for takeout, you can not only say that you “have an app for that,” but that you’ve downloaded the best app for that.


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