Girl Scout cookies are only available for a few months a year, so we've got to take full advantage of them while they're available. If you're anything like me, you could probably eat all your Girl Scout cookies straight out of the box, an entire sleeve at a time.  There's definitely nothing wrong with this approach, but why not add some excitement to your Girl Scout cookie eating habits? Here are some of the best, most delicious ways to eat Girl Scout cookies:

1. Milkshakes

cake, whipped cream, chocolate, cream
Ruby Siegel

If you want to make Girl Scout cookies more fun, put them in a milkshake.  If you want to make them way more fun, put some booze in there, too

2. S'mores

chocolate, candy, sweet
Haley Greco

S'mores consist of three basic elements and endless possibilities for upgrades. Try some of these combos, or experiment with your own – it's hard to go wrong with s'mores.

3. Fudge

toffee, cookie, cream, cake, goody, pastry, sweet, candy, chocolate
photo courtesy of Kristen Doyle at Dine & Dish

This recipe literally just requires that you take your Girl Scout cookie of choice and add more chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and a touch of butter. How could it not be delicious?

4. Cookies

peanut, butter, peanut butter, cookie, chocolate
Julia Press

Girl Scout cookies inside chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please. The more cookies the better. Get the recipe here.  

5. Slutty Brownies

chocolate, cake
Jordan Gottlieb

If you're not satisfied with cookies in cookies, take it a step further with slutty brownies and have your Girl Scout cookies baked into cookies and brownies. This recipe uses Samoas, also known as Caramel deLites if you're from Massachusetts like me (or,  as I learned from some Googling, from a variety of seemingly random places around the US). If caramel isn't your thing, feel free to use any cookie you'd like.

6. Cheesecake

goody, pastry, candy, cake, sweet, cream, chocolate
Photo courtesy of Dawn Klinghoffer at First Look Then Cook

This cheesecake combines two different kinds of Girl Scout cookies: one in the cheesecake itself and one on top. The result is rich, creamy, peanut-buttery perfection.

7. Ice Cream Pie

pudding, goody, brownie, candy, pie, mousse, pastry, sweet, cake, cream, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

Spring is coming, and with it comes warmer weather.  With warmer weather, of course, come the ice cream cravings. Use Girl Scout cookies to satisfy those cravings in this no-bake Thin Mint pie.  

#SpoonTip: If you're looking to keep it simple, just stash a sleeve of Thin Mints in your freezer to crumble on top of ice cream.

There are tons of ways to enjoy your Girl Scout cookies, and only a few months that they're available. Check here to see when exactly Girl Scout cookies are on sale near you (and then maybe stock up on enough for the whole year). 

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