The Autumnal Equinox represents more than just the end of beach weather, it signifies the start of leaves crunching beneath your boots, finally getting to wear your favorite cable-knit sweater and, most importantly, apple season. 

As one of America's favorite fruits, apples reign supreme in the fall season. One of the reasons they're so popular is their versatility; they can be used in recipes ranging from your grandma's all-American, classic apple pie to boozy apple cider that you find any excuse to drink.

If you have bags of apples lying around after apple-picking, here's some of the best recipes that'll spice up your apple season.

1. Individual Apple Pie

sweet, caramel, caramel apple, apple, honey, candy
Isabella Neuberg

Starting with a twist on an all-American classic, these perfectly-portioned bundles of joy are the epitome of fall. Scoop out the inside of the apple, chop it up, sprinkle in a little love and boom, a pie vessel made out of the fruit itself.

They're ideal to make with that one piece of fruit you're allowed to take from the dining hall and can even be made in your dorm room microwave. 

2. Apple Chips

apple, sweet, quince, vegetable
Christine Pritula

As barbecue season comes to an end, the craving for a side of chips certainly doesn't. This tangy twist on your favorite crisps are most definitely healthier than traditional potato chips and obviously more exciting on your plate.

Pork and apple have been a staple for years so it's a no brainer that apple chips would be perfect as a side to a smokey and sweet pulled pork sandwich.

3. Fireball-Apple Sangria

vegetable, corn, oil
Marie Clark

Button up those flannels and zip up those riding boots cause it's tailgating season, betches. College football is coming in full swing, and there's nothing better than getting a little tipsy to make those four hours of football fly by.

This sangria could also be your jungle juice for a chilly, fall-day darty or just a classy way of drinking fireball. 

4. Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese

bread, cheese, sandwich
Emily Bloch

Hands down the best drunchie you'll ever have. This grilled cheese is so simple to make, the hardest part is remembering to turn the stove off because you'll be so entranced by your masterpiece.

Fruit and cheese are a magical combination and when you put them in between two carb-loaded slices of bread, there's honestly nothing an intoxicated body wants more than this gooey grilled cheese.

5. Harvest Farro Salad

vegetable, parsley, corn, rice, pepper, legume, cereal, lentil
Katherine Baker

Many people view summer as the season of salads but autumn is the season of the harvest. There's so much produce that peaks in the fall season; from the earthy mushrooms and dark greens to more dense, root-vegetables like potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts to tart cranberries, figs, pomegranates, and grapes that create balance.

You can create a plentiful salad with any combination of these nutritious and delicious ingredients. 

6. Apple Rings

Alex Frank

This innovative recipe is a super-power hybrid of an apple cider donut and a caramel apple. It's basically a greek-yogurt battered apple ring. Deep-fried because duh, and finished with a generous dunking into your favorite caramel sauce or drizzled with a simple confectioners glaze.

If the gif above doesn't make your mouth water then you're lying to yourself.

7. Prosciutto and Apple Toast

Alvin Zhou

Avocado toast is not the only kind of lavish toast around. Does this count as breakfast? Lunch? Linner? What ever it is, it hits the key creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet and savory factors that your tastebuds inherently crave. Savory and sweet toasts are a delectable way to start the day and a perfect energizing snack to fight that mid-day slump.  

There are endless recipes out there to make with your apples this fall. All that's important is that you enjoy them as much as these little piggies do.