Most restaurants cater to carnivores, so it usually takes a few minutes to find a single meatless option on the menu. Salads have grilled chicken atop them, soups are made with chicken broth, and even bacon has to corrupt the mac and cheese.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, there might be one or two options. If you want a burger, there is usually only one: the overused black bean burger. Sure, it’s delicious, but the same old sandwich gets a little old.

These six recipes are your ticket out of boredom and into a bright new world of endless sandwich possibilities. So stock up on some fresh produce, crank up the stove, and get ready to forget about those black beans.

1. Zucchini Parm Burger

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Maria Serghiou

This sandwich will make even the most hardcore Italian sweat. Imagine the marinara sauce on your face as you make every meat-lover jealous with its heartiness and oozing cheese.

2. Spicy Chickpea Burgers

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Charlotte Cohen

No one’s telling you that once you go vegetarian you can’t enjoy a good burger anymore, especially when this fiery recipe exists. The burger still keeps it cool with Sriracha mayo and avocado and pairs great with healthier sweet potato fries.

3. Vegetarian Sliders with Mango Coleslaw

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Miranda Reilly

You’re going to have to venture into the meat substitute section of the frozen food section for this one, but the trip will be so worth it. The mango slaw is perfect for summer, and because they’re sliders, you can have two – or four.

4. Vegetarian Zucchini Meatball Sub

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Rebecca Siminov

The meatball sub was a cafeteria favorite back in the day, but just because you’re a vegetarian now, doesn’t mean you have to stop loving your childhood favorites. Zucchini is so versatile, and you’ll almost forget that these meatballs aren’t made from beef.

5. French Onion Grilled Cheese

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Max Faucher

French Onion soup is often made with a meat-based broth, so even when you’re craving a nice cheesy, hearty bowl, it’s a no-go. This sandwich combines the classic soup and sandwich combo into one, which means you’ll save yourself a little time.

#SpoonTip: Here’s how to caramelize onions in just 10 minutes.

6. Caramelized Onion and Hummus Sandwich

vegetarian sandwich

Photo by Megan Prendergast

If you have some caramelized onions left over from your French Onion sandwich, throw them on some toasted bread slathered in hummus, and you have dinner. This sandwich also pairs great with a roasted carrot soup, which only takes about 15 minutes to make.