College can go 0-100 real quick. One minute you're fine, the next you're behind in 6 of your 4 classes. But, little did you know, there's so many wellness resources at Bucknell to help you out. So, as the semester comes to and end and you're at an all-time high stress point, check out these resources to make things a little calmer.

The Counseling & Student Development Center

One of the most underrated things you can do for yourself is be aware of your mental health and get help when you need it. College is hard, it's okay to admit that. And it's okay to break down and talk with a therapist when you need to work through whatever is going on in your life.

Whether you are dealing with academic stress, issues in your personal life, serious mental illnesses, or any combination of these, the CSDC can help. The staff is specifically trained to help college students and all services are free and confidential. You can make appointments or talk with someone during walk-in hours, but either way, you won't regret it.

Bucknell Student Health

Along with mental health, your physical health is essential to getting through college. With allergy season upon us and injuries constantly happening at the most inconvenient times, having the newly redone Health Center on campus is a lifesaver. 

Like the CSDC, the Health Center takes both walk-ins and appointments making it an awesome wellness resource. Here you can meet with doctors for a range of treatments from everyday illnesses to gynecology services, and even alcohol and drug awareness. Whatever it is you need, you'll be feeling better in no time.

#SpoonTip: For really common illnesses like pink eye, there is even a pharmacy in the Health Center that might have what you need to save you a trip to CVS.


I didn't know it until late in my sophomore year or I might have saved myself the trouble of dealing with the Freshman 15, but we have a nutritionist on campus.

Eating well in college is so important, so why not learn from a professional? You can meet with the nutritionist to come up with the best diet/exercise plan for you. Also, meeting with the nutritionist can give you the inside scoop of the healthiest food options around campus. So, no matter where at Bucknell you decide to grab a bite to eat, you are getting the best choice.

Eat Well Tool

If you can't get an appointment to see the nutritionist or if you forget exactly what she told you, one of the best wellness resources at Bucknell is an online tool that makes it super simple to see your healthiest food options.

By using the online Eat Well Tool or the tablets in places around campus like the caf or The Bison, you can see exactly what is being served and how it compares health wise. 

The Teaching and Learning Center

Whatever it is you need to get by academically, the TLC has it. The Teaching and Learning Center has so many resources, like helping with time management and organizational skills, test prep, and forming study groups. Taking advantage of these services is one way to really help you keep that GPA up through the end of this semester.

Also, one of my favorite services provided by the TLC is The Writing Center. Whether you are practically done with your paper and just need someone to read it over or if you barely have a header at the top, the student helpers are so good at making sure you hand in a top-knotch paper.

So, even though college can be crazy, it's too great of a time in your life to let stress get the best of you. Using the wellness resources provided Bucknell will hopefully take away enough of the madness to let you enjoy your 4 short years.