An unfortunate reality we have to face is that substance abuse exists and it is deadly. We have lost people of all ages and backgrounds to the overuse of drugs and alcohol. However, addiction is not a dead end. There are multiple, healthy ways to combat it. Here are 11 celebrities who show us exactly what it means to not only win your life back, but to love it.

1. Drew Barrymore

This Charlie's Angel began experimenting with alcohol and drugs by the age of 12, and struggled with addiction issues for several years.  A troubled family life, combined with the party atmosphere of Hollywood, set Drew up for disaster. However, by her late teen years, she was able to defeat her addictions, and she remains sober to this day. You go, Drew

2. Robert Downey Jr. 

Iron Man wasn't always made of steel. Robert Downey Jr. abused alcohol and drugs for several years and served time in jail. Fame came upon him quickly, and with it, addiction. Now sober, married with children, and the head of a production company, Downey is back and better than ever.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis has been sober for around 18 years, and couldn't be happier. Previously, Curtis struggled with an opiate addiction, but now she's promoting the importance of service through her children's book: This Is Me – A Story of Who We Are and Where We Come From

4. Oprah

Oprah's early life left her with several emotional scars, leading her to her addiction with crack cocaine. With an incredible support system and rehabilitation services, Oprah was able to become the powerhouse she is today.

5. Eminem

It took a whole lot more than 8 miles for Eminem to get back on track. His quest to sobriety started with exercise. In the beginning, Eminem ran about 17 miles a day, but quickly realized that wasn't his best option. Through the help of trainers and friends, he was able to find a routine that was perfect for him.

6. Britney Spears

I know many of us can recall the "leave Britney alone!" days. Shaving her head and using an umbrella as a weapon was the talk of middle school. Thankfully, this princess of pop outlives her addiction days, and we continue to be blessed with her original music. 

7. Samuel L. Jackson

Before he was a Jedi warrior, Jackson struggled with an addiction to alcohol, marijuana, and crack. Now 20 years sober, Jackson is one of the most popular movie stars to date. The force is definitely with you, Jackson.

8. Daniel Radcliffe

Sorry guys, but even wizards aren't immune to the effects of substance abuse. During his Harry Potter days, Radcliffe used alcohol for comfort. Now, he's been sober for about five years. 

9. Fergie

Crystal meth's got nothing on Fergie Ferg. Although she's not completely sober (she enjoys her wine from time to time), she's free from her past addiction. 

10. Demi Lovato

Demi's been through a lot. From punchin' fans to struggling to understand her bipolar diagnosis, she hasn't exactly had the easiest start. However, coming up on five years sober, Demi is an inspiration to all. Now, you can catch her empowering women or struttin' her stuff on stage.

11. Kid Cudi

Although he claims to never have been an addict, Kid Cudi used drugs to self-medicate for his depression. He made a choice to be happy, and to move on from a dark chapter of his life. Now, Cudi is focusing on his music and daughter.