My all-time favorite meal is breakfast. There's nothing like starting a day with an amazingly delicious and satisfying breakfast. Unfortunately, in college mornings can be pretty tough and it's sometimes hard to get in enough time for a full meal before my first class of the day. This is where chia seed pudding comes in: it's the best way to get an awesome breakfast with minimal time or energy. 

Anything you can make with two ingredients and a mason jar is ideal for dorm life. Add in all the nutrition that comes with chia seeds and you could be eating breakfast like royalty once you hop on this trend. 

1. It only requires two ingredients.

Claudia Crivello

All you need to make your batch of chia seed pudding is chia seeds and almond milk. On Sunday night, just fill a sealable container one third of the way with seeds, pour in almond milk until it's full, shake it up, and then leave it in your fridge for 12 hours. Voilà, you have breakfast for a week.

2. The possibilities for toppings are endless.

Similar to the way that people top an açaí bowl, chia seed pudding is best eaten with heaps and heaps of your favorite toppings. Throw your favorite granola, fruits, coconut flakes and nut butters on top for the best results. 

3. It's crazy good for you.

Kristine Mahan

Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, calcium, protein, Omega-3s and antioxidants. Add on everything you'll get from your choice of toppings and your pudding becomes an amazing way to kickstart your day. 

4. You can make it a dessert, too.

You can sweeten up your base pudding by adding in some maple syrup or vanilla and then throw on some chocolate chips or honey as toppings. You've just transformed your breakfast pudding into the perfect ~healthy~ dessert. 

5. There are so many flavors. 

If regular vanilla doesn't really float your boat, you can always try out blended chia pudding. The flavor combinations vary from basic to bougie, so definitely get creative and try some strawberry, chocolate or matcha chia pudding to mix it up. 

If you're like me and nothing makes you happier than a good breakfast, try out chia seed pudding and all the variations your heart desires. Not only does it save you time in the morning, but it also tastes bomb.