The University of Michigan is hands down the best school in the entire world, and those of us lucky enough to come here experience an indescribable amount of school spirit and pride. And the only thing that makes saying "Go Blue!" even better, is eating blue foods that follow suit. Here's 5 blue food's that'll make you say "Go Blue!": 

1. Blue Shaved Cream

Shaved cream, a Korean and Taiwanese version of shaved ices, is a new frozen dessert that is taking over because of how pretty it is. Snowdays NYC makes a special blue version called Yetitracks. Trying out this new dessert will be beneficial for a) your Insta b) your school pride and c) your sanity. 

2. Blueberry Pancakes

There's no better way to start off your morning than with a stack of fluffy pancakes. Blueberry pancakes add in a pop of flavor and color, and maybe can be used to trick yourself into believing that what you're eating is actually healthy. Ann Arbor is also home to some of the best breakfast places with the best pancakes, like Angelo's  and The Broken Egg. 

3. Blue Macaroons

Macaroons are fancy and dainty treats that have started popping up in different cities around the world as their popularity grows. Flavors that come in blue are blueberry, Earl Grey, and blackberry can be found at places like Bottega Louie and Laudree

4. Blue Velvet Cake

Red velvet is arguable one of the best desserts, and with the rise of other colored velvet cakes, it's becoming a win-win situation. Blue velvet is a fun take on the classic red velvet, but still has the same amazing flavor. 

5. Blue Cookie Monster Ice Cream

As if ice cream wasn't already one of the best foods, cookie monster ice cream takes it to a new level. Cookie Monster, creator of this sweet blue treat, is one of the must-go places for ice cream in Southern California. 

While Ann Arbor is already one of the best college towns for food, finding foods around the country and the world that can embody all of the school spirit makes eating it even sweeter. As always, GO BLUE!!!!!