Bottega Louie Macaroons are famous for their macarons but there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. I found the ones that stand out of the crowd and the must tries from this patesserie. 

cream, macaron, sweetmeat, cookie, macaroon, sweet, cake, candy, chocolate
Tanya Soni

Their beauty speaks for themselves, but do their tastes match up to their hype? I went and found out. 

Tanya Soni

#1. Salted Caramel

coffee, macaron, macaroon, chocolate
Tanya Soni

The perfect mix of chocolate ganache and caramel, is ideal for a chocolate lover. I am a chocoholic so this was for me by far my favorite macaron. The macaron shell has a strong flavor unlike many of the other ones I tried. The perfect mix of chocolate ganache and caramel, makes a combination to die for.

#2. Chai

candy, espresso, dairy product, sweet, milk, cream, coffee, chocolate
Tanya Soni

The chai macaron has a very subtle taste of chai in the shell. The filling is a light chocolate ganache with a small hint of chai. I would repurchase this macaroon even though I am not a fan of "chai" flavored food items. It is a must try for sure. 

#3. Lemon 

pastry, curd, lemon, meringue, chocolate, cream, cake, sweet, macaroon
Tanya Soni

A lovely balance of sweet and acidic with just the right amount of lemon cream in the middle reminds me of a french summer day picnic.. have I ever had a french picnic? No, but I imagine it tastes like this lemon macaron. But BE WARNED if you don't like lemon flavored things this is not for you. 

#4. Raspberry 

candy, pastry, cookie, cream, cake, macaron, chocolate, meringue, sweet, macaroon
Tanya Soni

The inside of this macaron was very flavorful, kind of chocolatey and a little raspberry but not like your traditional raspberry. Honestly the outside doesn't really taste like anything it's just pretty and pink not that there is anything wrong with that. 

#5. Earl Grey

Tanya Soni

The early grey macaron tasted very similar to the chai macaron but a little less strong. What attracted me to this macaron to be honest was the gold flecks as they contrast so beautifully with the blue. I know that earl grey is a less strong tea than chai but there was no real tones of earl grey. I won't be ordering this again because there was no unique flavor that made it any different from the chai macaron.

It's hard to go wrong with these macaroons because so much expertise and passion have gone into perfecting each flavor. Go try them all and find your favorite and make sure to take cute pics!