A scoop of chocolate chip ice cream on a waffle cone used to be an acceptable way to eat your frozen dessert, but now that just doesn’t cut it. Ice cream shops all over Southern California have been on a mission to create the most unique desserts, whether that be by placing your ice cream into a donut or by wrapping your ice cream with cotton candy. If you love ice cream and are looking for a way to new way to enjoy the dessert then keep on reading, as I’m sure you’ll find a place below that you will love.

1. Cream

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @healthnutlife on Instagram

For those of you who love ice cream, but are also obsessed with tacos, this is the place for you. Cream’s ice cream tacos let you feel like you’re eating a taco, because of the waffle cone shell, while allowing you to have the taste of ice cream. You really get the best of both worlds.

2. Chelò Creamery

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @tifferificc_food on Instagram

If you are looking for a great dessert and a good show then you have to try Chelò Creamery. They actually make the ice cream right in front of you by freezing it on a cold stone and then scraping it off into rolls. They are practically the ice cram version of Benihanas and everyone seems to be loving it.

3. Milk

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @themilkshop_la on Instagram

Milk has become one of the most popular dessert shops in Los Angeles, and for a good reason too. They make ice cream sandwiches out of macaroons, dip them in chocolate and cover them in fruity pebbles (if you’re into that).Even though Milk can have pretty long lines, it’s definitely worth the wait.

4. Afters Ice Cream

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @dailyfoodfeed on Instagram

Afters stuffs their donuts (Milky Buns) with ice cream. Do I really need to say more?

5. Stax Cookie Bar

ice cream

Photo courtesy @kelly_wkl_ on Instagram

At Stax Cookie Bar, you can make virtually any type of ice cream sandwich you want. Pick your cookies, pick your ice cream, pick your topping and you’re done just like that. But if you’re not feeling an ice cream sandwich, don’t worry, because you can also put your ice cream on a waffle or macaroon.

6. Amorino

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @feedyourgirlfriend on Instagram

Amorino has shops all over the world with long lines at practically every one of them. People are obsessed with Amorino not only because of how pretty their gelato roses are, but also because their ingredients are super fresh.

7. Milk Bar

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @missannichen on Instagram

Milk Bar has their own unique twist on an ice cream sandwich by allowing customers to choose between cookies, oreos or fruity pebble bars for their base. They also have unusual ice cream flavors like thai tea, piña colada, pandan and horchata for you to choose from.

8. Snow Monster OC

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @snowmonsteroc on Instagram

If you like cotton candy and whimsical-looking desserts, then you have to try Snow Monster. They spin cotton candy around your choice of ice cream and then top it with whatever you’d like. It is definitely a magical-looking dessert and you will want to keep going back for more.

9. Eiswelt Gelato

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @chhristineberry on Instagram

Eiswelt’s is every child’s dream ice cream store because you can play with your food without getting in trouble. They let you choose what type of animal you want your gelato to be made into whether that be a bear, pig or even a chicken. I mean, does it get any cuter than that?

10. Churned Creamery

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @cookeatlift on Instagram

Home to the Crocream, Churned Creamery stuffed croissants with ice cream and any topping you’d like. They have numerous different toppings such as brownie bites, cookie crisps, fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch. You can really let your imagination run wild when it comes to creating your dessert.