South Korea recently released the “hangover ice cream,” that can supposedly cure your next hangover. But South Korea has so many more bizarre ice creams to offer. Some haters say that food can never be pretty and delicious at the same time, but these  desserts will prove otherwise.

#SpoonTip: All of these desserts are incredibly Insta-friendly as well!

1. Cotton Candy-Topped Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @around_lady on Instagram

Also known as Thunderbomb, this ice cream is literally THE BOMB. A mountain of cotton candy is placed on top of your choice of either milk, salted caramel, or real chocolate latte soft serve. Then, it’s topped with a white chocolate molded into a thunderbolt. This treat will not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, but also fulfill your daily dose of “pretty.”

2. Cereal-Flavored Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @hwangsookyoung on Instagram

For those who love cereal, listen up. There are three flavors of soft serve ice cream you can pick from: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Chex, and Corn Flake. Toppings are available in themes of various countries, such as bacon and maple syrup reppin’ the US, manuka honey and potato chips from New Zealand, pink salt and chocolate hailing from France, and finally macarons and chancaca from Italy.

To finish off all this crazy goodness, the cup of ice cream is placed on top of dry ice to not only give it a cool visual, but to keep the ice cream cooler for longer.

3. Super Long Soft Serve


Photo courtesy of @adelebaba on Instagram

Yes, you can see soft serve all over the world, but probably not something as long as this. Prepare yourself for an ice cream worth five McDonalds soft serves.

4. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @ annie_115 on Instagram

Do not be tricked by its plain appearance, because this ice cream was created from liquid nitrogen. As soon as you put in your order, liquid nitrogen is mixed on-the-spot with the ice cream ingredients, and your dessert is created within minutes. Not only is the process super cool, but also the flavor is a lot lighter than ordinary ice cream, so you don’t feel as heavy.

5. Ice Cream Cane


Photo courtesy of @ ultraviolet0 on Instagram

Christmas is seemingly incomplete without candy canes! But now that it’s summer, enter: ice cream canes. These blessings are simply big cane-shaped crackers stuffed with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and you will finish it in no time.

6. Melon Shaved Ice



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Shaved ice is a type of dessert that can keep you cool all summer long. The most common form is shaved ice put in a cup, sprayed with flavored syrups. However, this melon shaved ice is revolutionary: it’s in a melon. The flesh of the melon is carved out into little balls, put on the side for decoration, and the hollow shell is filled with finely ground shave ice and milk soft serve.

7. Sweet Potato Cone Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @soom_k on Instagram

Ever imagine what it would be like if we had a super soft ice cream cone that would go so well with soft serve? Well, here you have it. This soft serve is served in a hollow roasted sweet potato, and it’s such a random, yet amazing combination. You’ll fall in love after one bite.