Turn down for what?


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Definitely not for this ice cream. With this new miracle dessert invented in South Korea, you can party like never before without experiencing any of the not-so-lit hangover symptoms. The grapefruit-flavored frozen dessert is known as “Gyeondyo-bar,” which literally translates to “hang in there,” and will definitely help you do just that on a rough Saturday morning.

The name, according to Withme FS (the convenience store that sells the ice cream), “expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking.”


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What makes this hangover cure more effective than your typical coffee-and-Advil routine? Traditional medicine might be onto something – the ice cream uses specific ingredients, such as oriental raisin fruit tree extract, that have been used in Korean home remedies since the 17th century. Sorry, but your Dunkin’ can’t beat that.


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Since the average South Korean drinks 12.3 liters of alcohol per year, the highest rate of consumption of any country in the Asia-Pacific, Korea has developed a slew of other hangover helpers, from “hangover soup” to make-up that masks the look of a long night. But without a doubt, this one is the most delicious – so drink up, because you can.