Anyone who has gone away to college knows the feeling of coming home to the food they've missed all semester. Teasing yourself with just one more bite before you go away again, and having to part with what you swear is the best food you've ever had, is a trap we all fall into. If you're a Queens native, you know this feeling all too well as you leave your favorite food places behind. If you're like me, you probably find yourself making a countdown until you reunite again. (Trip to Cristina's Deli anyone?) These are 5 food places in Queens, that are truly missed by every Queens native.

1. Rosas Pizza

Rosas Pizza is the perfect go-to for anyone who is craving a quality slice of pizza. They offer a variety of pies such as taco, barbecue chicken, and buffalo chicken. An all time favorite is the chicken caesar salad slice. Seriously you can't go wrong.

2. Cristina's Deli

Cristina's Deli is the place to go for a mouthwatering sandwich any time of the day...or night. You can get basically anything stuffed on a sandwich here, and enjoy every last bite. My personal favorite is the Bad Boy: a chicken cutlet, with cheese, bacon, french fries, and barbecue sauce all on a roll. 

3. Martha's Country Bakery

Martha's Bakery is the perfect spot for any occasion whether it be catching up with old friends, date night, or even getting some sweet treats to go. Everything is amazing, especially the apple crumb cheesecake which is my personal favorite. Everything is always baked fresh daily, so you know you're getting something good every time you visit. 

4. Empanadas Cafe

Empanada's Cafe makes some of the best homemade empanadas in NYC. One or two...or maybe three of the ham and cheese empanadas are always a necessity when I come back home.

5. Astoria Bagels

These bagels are simply to die for! Finding a decent bagel outside of New York City is tough so coming back to these big, and soft bagels is always the best feeling. Even better, if you get there early enough in the day they're still warm out of the oven.

Although it's nice being away and living on your own and finding a great group of college friends to go out to eat with, there is truly nothing better than coming home to your family and a home cooked meal. Whether it be from your favorite restaurant, or a home cooked meal, home is where the heart, and the food is.