It's always nice to go home for winter or spring break; you get to see your family, friends, and have a home cooked meal. But three weeks is long enough for most of us and you probably find yourself missing your besties. But besides missing your best friends, you probably start to miss those hungover trips to Hole in the Wall or Village. Lucky for us Stags, Fairfield has a great downtown with a ton of restaurants we know will always be there for us with the foods we love when we return from break. 

1. Firehouse Deli's Redgate Sandwich

If you go to Fairfield, I'm sure you've had this sandwich at least once in your life. If you just search Firehouse Deli on Instagram, the picture of this popular sandwich always comes up. I know I miss it (and that view) whenever I go home. 

2. Colony Grill's Hot Oil Pizza

Colony Grill is known for their Hot Oil pizza, so there's no surprise I would be missing that over break. There's just something about thin crust and grease that hits you right in the heart. 

3. Breakfast Sandwiches from Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall was new to Fairfield this fall semester, but there's no doubt they have some of the best breakfast sandwiches in town. I was definitely craving a BEC with avocado this break. 

4. Milk Craft's Ice cream 

Relatively new to Fairfield, this ice cream joint serves up some killer ice cream in the famous bubble cone. If you're a foodie, you probably miss that infamous black background for a cool pic. 

5. $2 Tuesday's at the Grape

If you're 21 and older, you visit this place frequently—especially on Tuesday when drinks are only $2. I don't know many bars at home that have this offer, so my wallet is definitely missing this.  

6. Village Bagels' Bagels 

If you've ever been hungover on a Saturday morning, you know this is the spot to get your bagel fix. Plus, how many places do you know sell rainbow bagels? Although I'm a Jersey Girl and think Jersey bagels are the best, I definitely miss a bagel run with my squad over break.

7. Geronimo's Guac

Fairfield students are spoiled when it comes to places to eat in town. Not too often do you find a Mexican restaurant that makes guacamole right in front of you. 

8. Pronto's Salads & Pizzas 

Known across campus, Pronto serves up some of the best chopped salads in the game. A place I often go with my friends for a cheap and customizable meal, I definitely know a few people who miss it when they are home on break. 

9. Flipside's Burgers & Happy Hour 

Flipside is a common place for Stags to migrate for some good old comfort bar food. They are home to the popular mac n' cheese burger and serve up some of the best happy hour deals in Fairfield. 

10. Pizza from Brick + Wood 

Fairfield does pizza pretty well. Brick + Wood serves wood-fired pizza that is to die for. It's always a treat coming here with friends and I always find myself craving a pie when I'm home. 

11. Ramen from Mecha 

Mecha is famous for their noodles and I don't know many places that serve up a good ramen where I'm from. It's definitely a must have if you've never been, or you'll be craving it when you're home for the long weekend or break. 

12. Doughnut Inn Iced Coffee 

Doughnut Inn's coffee is the best iced coffee in town. They offer a variety of flavors, and one of their more popular is the cinfully-nutty. Their coffee is also affordable so you never have to worry about breaking the bank going to Starbucks when you're home. 

So whether it's for the long weekend or Spring Break, I know most of you Stags will be missing some of these foods. I know a Redgate sandwich is calling my name when I return to Fairfield.