For the lucky few born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, we understand the pride that comes with living in the 203. To be honest, it’s quite easy to take all the perks and privileges for granted. However, whether we’re out of town for vacation, school or work related reasons, there comes a point a time when we begin to realize how attached we are to the local restaurants and the unique food that they serve.

Here are the 11 foods will always keep you beggin’ for more and crawlin’ back to Fairfield. Let the drooling begin.

1. Village Bagels


Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

Why is Village Bagels the greatest bagel place in Fairfield? They have it all. If you’re as obsessed with bagels as I am, you’ve probably stood in line for these soft, crusty bits of goodness more times than you can count. Their bagels are a staple to any breakfast, made even more mouth-watering with any type of cream cheese or other additives.

Try their rainbow bagels if you’re feeling extra colorful, or a delicious chocolate hazelnut and banana bagel sandwich if you’re feeling extra indulgent. Their New Yorker sandwich is also a classic, with sliced lox, cream cheese, red onion, and tomato on a bagel of your choice.

2. South Pine Creek Deli


Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

Located right outside of Fairfield’s main downtown area, this deli is perfect for a quick sandwich or cup of coffee. If you’re feeling like a champ, SPC offers The Shredder. This sandwich is meant only for the adventurous, hungry soul and consists of double egg, double bacon, double cheese, a sausage patty, home fries, ketchup, hot sauce, all served on a hard roll. This sandwich alone causes Fairfield natives to immediately regret their decision to leave town.

3. Country Cow


Photo courtesy of Elena R. on Yelp

Anyone who grew up in Fairfield has probably waited in this line once, or twice, or a hundred times to get their hands on one of these BECs. From the outside, Country Cow looks just like other deli: no frills and very simple. On the inside this place is magical (and typically packed to the rafters). Their egg sandwiches are very simple and served on a hard roll, yet blow away every other deli. Nothing else matches a BEC from CC.

4. Doughnut Inn


Photo courtesy of @whoismovonb on Instagram

Since 1977, Doughnut Inn has been serving incredibly delicious coffee and pastries. However, their iced coffee is the best kept secret in town. They offer multiple flavors, including hazelnut, French vanilla, cinnfully-nutty, and other seasonal options. Their coffee and sugar is always mixed perfectly, and serves as a staple morning amenity to Fairfield natives.

5. Centro


Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

If you currently live in, used to live in, visited, or simply passed through Fairfield at any point, you’ve probably eaten at Centro Ristorante & Bar. This is the town’s classic Italian restaurant with food that always blows you away. Located in the true downtown area, this spot is always busy, and their homemade pasta usually has people coming back again and again. During the summer they open up their patio so the people dining can enjoy the live music playing at the Gazebo. With a relaxing and warm atmosphere, this is the go-to option for dates or group dinners. Centro is a restaurant for Fairfielders who don’t mind spending the rest of their day with a food baby.

6. Fin


Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

Sushi lovers in Fairfield flock to Fin no matter the season. Their spicy tuna roll will leave you craving more while simultaneously putting you in the most satisfying food coma. Fin attracts locals and tourists alike, searching for the greatest Japanese cuisine. This award-winning restaurant is now one of two locations. It’s pretty much impossible to miss.

7. The Pantry


Photo courtesy of @fashion_fitness315 on Instagram

These salads are famous in the area, and a basic food group in most Fairfielder’s diets. The Pantry offers a loaded salad bar, complete with edamame, chicken, cheese, almonds, hard-boiled eggs, sometimes shrimp, you name it. These work as an easy, quick lunch fix. The Pantry’s notorious balsamic vinaigrette needs to be bottled up and placed on display. This dressing is sent directly from God.

8. Sunny Daes


Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

Sunny Daes is one of the best ice cream shops in Fairfield, with unbelievable ice cream flavors and kind, friendly servers. They offer soft serve, hard ice cream, and gelato. During the Halloween season, they serve the most amazing pumpkin spice ice cream, and around Christmas their eggnog ice cream is unreal. If you haven’t yet, try their Hurricanes. They consist of soft serve ice cream with any mix-ins of your choice. Plus, unlike McFlurries, they’re actually mixed all the way through.

9. Nauti Dolphin


Photo courtesy of @ctbites on Instagram

You’ve never had true ‘za until you’ve been to the Nauti Dolphin. Located at the Fairfield Train Station, one of the most relevant locations in the town, Nauti Dolphin has anything and everything. They’re known for their thin-crust, New York-style pies and Italian staples, which are crucial to the neighborhood pizza-addict. If you’re not in the mood for a full pizza (I don’t know why you wouldn’t be) they offer it by the slice.

#SpoonTip: S/O to our gluten free friends. Their GF pizza does not, I repeat, does not, taste like cardboard.

10. Firehouse Deli


Photo courtesy of @holly0793 on Instagram

If you’re a Fairfielder and you’ve never visited the Firehouse Deli, I’m not quite sure what you’re doing with your life. This adorable old firehouse, now a converted deli, has a charming and welcoming atmosphere, plus they serve just about everything. Firehouse Deli is well known for their delicious breakfast and lunch sandwiches, yet they also have a grand salad bar and grill to serve hot food for lunch. They offer beer and wine, as well as heroes by the foot.

The Mr. Prez sandwich is a classic, served cold with roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing on a hard roll. Vegetarian options include the delicious Mother-in­-Law wrap, which is avocado, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese and ranch dressing.

11. Garden Catering


Photo courtesy of @gardencatering on Instagram

Now one of many various locations throughout Connecticut, this is most Fairfielders’ guilty pleasure. Famous for their chicken nuggets, their nugs contain 100% boneless chicken breast and are hand-cut in house. They’re known to travel to the Bronx to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables straight from Hunt’s Point Co-Op.

Their nuggets are traditionally tossed in a bag with either fries or cones (delicious tater-tot-sized morsels of fried mashed potatoes) and a sprinkle of their “secret seasoning,” basically a blend of salt and Cajun spices, right before they’re served. You’re offered 3-5 sauces for your nuggets, which range from ketchup to mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, or the most popular, honey mustard.

If your wallet isn’t empty when you leave the building, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re in the mood for delicious fried food, these Garden Catering geniuses have officially created something so beautiful that everyone in Fairfield dreams about when they’ve been out of town for too long.