We all know how hard it is when it comes to deciding where to go out to eat when your friends come to visit. There's always that one friend who doesn't eat anything, or the other one who never wants to spend money. Finding a place to eat can become very stressful, and 9 times out of 10, leads you to not eating and ordering that late night Domino's you swore you wouldn't do. Luckily there's a restaurant in Fairfield for any of your friends that visit - whether it be your pickiest eater, or your broke ass friend.

The Picky Eater: Archie Moore's

We all have that one friend who only eats chicken fingers and pizza. Finding a restaurant to go to can be hard when they only eat a certain number of things. But have no fear, Archie Moore's has got you covered. They have literally everything from salads and sandwiches, to steak. If you're friend can't find something to eat here there's got to be something wrong with them.

The Health Nut: B-Good 

If your friend is super healthy, B-Good is the place to go. Offering fresh salads, quinoa bowls, and more, you're health nut of a friend is sure to find something here. 

The Big Spender: Pizzeria Molto 

If your friend doesn't care about spending money, Molto is the spot to go. They offer authentic Italian cuisine for a hefty price. If you like wine, and fine dining, add Molto to your list of places to eat. 

The Hungover One: Chip's

Got a friend who likes to drink? They probably are going to need a big breakfast the next morning. Take your friend to Chip's for the ultimate hangover cure. With customizable pancakes, omelettes, and more this is a college kids dream after a night of drinking.

The Broke Friend: Bar Taco

I mean who doesn't love tacos and not spending money? Located in Westport, this taco joint serves up some of the best tacos all at an affordable price. Tacos start at $2.50 so if you're on a budget this is the perfect place to take your friend. You might need to indulge a little bit though and order one of their margaritas- trust me it's worth it.

The Friend With the Food Insta: Brick + Wood

Looking for an Instagram worthy picture? Brick & Wood is your go-to when it comes to dining out. All of their pizzas are wood fired and look impeccable. Just look at that bubbly crust.  But if you're not feeling pizza, try some of their Bombolini- fried zeppole stuffed with Nutella. (You know you want to.)

Your Significant Other- Old Post Tavern 

Looking for a nice, quiet, and affordable dinner to take your SO? Old Post has a variety of options from great appetizers to burgers, and steak, you seriously can't go wrong. This is the perfect spot for date night.