When your friends come to visit, it can honestly be stressful to decide where to take them to eat. You only have a certain amount of meal opportunities, and Nashville has so many incredible options. To make your life a little easier, we put together a list of where to go based on which type of friend is visiting. 

The Health Freak: The Wild Cow

salad, cheese, lettuce, beet
Gabrielle Levitt

The Wild Cow in East Nashville is beyond delicious, but it also serves only vegan and often gluten-free food. You know you're getting some healthy grub here. Their salads are amazing–the Pistachio and Pear salad is everything you could ever want. They also have a wide array of bowls with every type of protein and flavor you could imagine. If your friend is a health nut but you're not so much, don't worry! Their spinach and artichoke dip and the nachos have your name on them. 

The One Who's Never Been to the South: Hattie B's

Your friend who's never been to the South is not going to shut up about fried chicken, so take this person to Hattie B's as soon as they arrive. They'll try it, they'll love it, and then you can take them to other places to convince them that southern cuisine does, in fact, have more to offer than hot chicken. 

The One You Share a Foodstagram With: Flipside

pesto, mozzarella, cheese, spinach
Rachel Labarre

If you text each other pictures every time you have a bomb meal and you tag each other on every foodie post you scroll past, you must take this person to Flipside. This friend will appreciate the tater tot nachos like no one else. 

The Hungover One: Loveless Cafe

bread, jam, sweet, dairy product, scone, pastry
Olivia Benjamin

Your hungover friend is going to need a lot of carbs, and what better way cure your friend than with warm, fluffy biscuits? Start off with some biscuits, followed by Cinnamon Raisin French Toast and you've got yourself a satisfied friend. Substitute Loveless Cafe for Biscuit Love for similar results. 

The Fancy Friend: Silo

Silo takes all of your favorite food and fancies it up. It's a bit on the expensive side, but your fancy friend should have no problem with this. Sophistication comes with a price. 

The Crazy Friend: Two Ten Jack

Rachel Labarre

Two Ten Jack can be a roller coaster. You don't really know what you're getting yourself into, but you end up loving it. Start eating your ramen when your crazy friend starts ranting about her boy problems. By the time you finish your ramen, she'll finally be done explaining the adventures of her crazy life.

The Ratchet Friend: Satay

pasta, spaghetti, sauce, macaroni
Peaches Memishian

Only your ratchet friend will be okay with eating on plastic plates and using styrofoam cups. The secret is that Satay is really freakin' good, but the fancy pants won't step foot in there long enough to give it a try. Warning: your ratchet friend might go crazy and say she wants a "5" in spiciness – hold her back and suggest a 3. She'll thank you later. 

Hopefully, this will help you start to navigate the number of incredible restaurants in Nashville. This list has excluded some of the ones that are known for their long lines (cough cough M-Street) because your friend is only here for the weekend—ain't nobody got time for those lines.