When people think of fast-food restaurants, the items that usually come to mind are the Big Mac and the Whopper. What do these items have in common (besides being delicious)? They're made of meat. But recently, popular items have been expanding to include meatless options as fast-food restaurants start to use plant-based meats from companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. This trend is meant to benefit the environment, people's health, and the bank accounts of fast-food corporations. Here are some of the fast-food restaurants hopping on the plant-based meat trend. 

1. KFC: Plant Based Fried 'Chicken'

Did your parents try to make you try foods as a kid by saying it tastes like chicken? Well this finger lickin' good item tastes just like chicken, so you should try it. It's currently only available in Atlanta, but if it goes over well, it will soon be in KFCs nationwide. 

2. Burger King: Impossible Whopper 

It really says something when a chain with the word burger in their name now offers up a plant-based burger in over 7,000 locations. Not to mention, the Impossible Whopper has been doing so well, Burger King is planning on expanding its vegan options. 

3. McDonald's: P.L.T. Burger 

The name cuts right to the chase; plant, lettuce, tomato. However, this burger is cooked on the same grill as the beef burgers, so it's not vegan. But it's a step in the right direction. 

4. Dunkin': Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 

As if lunch or dinner wasn't enough, there's also a plant-based breakfast option on the market. The plant sausage has more protein, less sodium, and fewer calories than the original sausage sandwich: it's the perfect start to the day!

5. White Castle: Impossible Slider 

Unfortunately, the plant-based sliders are just as small as the beef and chicken ones.  But at least you'll have room for some fries.

Whether you want to improve your health, help the environment, or just try something new out, give plant-based meat a try. There's no excuse not to, since fast food restaurants are making it quick, cheap, and readily accesible.