Going to a barbecue is basically a meat lovers paradise. You can have burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and practically every other meat dish under the sun. Because the food is so delicious, no one thinks about the impact their meal is having on the environment. I'm the same way, I love the taste of meat just as much as the next person, so I have never considered any alternatives. But a company called No Evil Foods is changing the game.

No Evil Foods makse plant-based meats, that actually taste like the real thing. So you never have to choose between saving animals and pleasing your taste buds again. The Michigan chapter of Spoon University can attest. We had a meatless BBQ with No Evil Foods products and it was a big hit. No Evil Foods is the future of barbecues, and I'm here to answer all of your questions about their company.

What Is No Evil Foods?

In 2014, Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky created No Evil Foods. The motto of the company is, "Do No Evil." They strive to produce sustainable food that is good, not evil, for the environment. Shizaru, the monkey, is the company's spirt animal. He is meant to be the symbol of putting good into the world. And No Evil Foods is doing their part to help the environment by making plant-based meats.

Why Plant-Based Meats?

The No Evil Foods website provides a lot of facts about the benefits of plant-based meats. An example is, 1 calorie of animal protein uses 11 times as much fossil fuel than 1 calorie of plant protein. In addition, animal protein also requires an excessive amount of water. If one person ate plant-based meats for a day, they would reduce their water consumption by 3,700 gallons. Plant-based products taste as good as actual meat, if not better, so why are we not eating them yet? 

What Can Plant-Based Meat Do For You?

If stopping rain forest destruction by 91% isn't enough to entice you to eat plant protein, it also gives you a longer life expectancy. Vegetarians and vegans live on average six to ten years longer than meat-eaters do. Eating No Evil Food's plant-based meats can decrease your chance of getting heart disease, alzheimer's, diabetes, certain types of cancer and help you lose weight.  

What are the Products?

No Evil Foods sells four kinds of plant-based meats. They're called The Stallion, The Prepper, El Zapatista, and The Pit Boss. The Stallion resembles sausage, The Prepper tastes like chicken, El Zapatista is similar to spicy chorizo, and The Pit Boss gives you a little southern flair of BBQ pulled pork. The Pit Boss was awarded honorable mention in the Food & Drink category at 2016’s Made in NC Award.

Besides making great products, No Evil Foods also provides mouthwatering recipes for each of their products. Some of the recipes are sausage squash grill-pockets, crescent roll pot pie, chorizo fried rice, and Thai lettuce wraps

Where Can You Buy the Products?

Currently, No Evil Foods is mainly sold on the east coast and in some parts of the Midwest. You can type in your zip code here, to find out if you live close to a market that sells No Evil Foods. They also have apparel on their website that can help raise awareness of plant-based meats.  

I'm not saying that you have to become vegan, but it wouldn't be evil if you swap out animal protein for plant protein once in awhile. The foodies in Spoon University at the University of Michigan did it for a day, so you can do it too.