Flying is fast and convenient, but also incredibly stressful. Between going through security, the crowds, finding wifi, and debating food options, the whole process can be a bit much.

Due to security, bringing snacks becomes cumbersome. In addition, the snacks sold inside of terminals are usually expensive and often times loaded with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. Even if flights offer food, it often times tastes stale or old. Avoid mid-flight munchies by packing these five essential healthy plane snacks to keep you fueled during your flight.

1. Freeze Dried or Dried Fruit

apple, sweet, pineapple
Hailey Nelson

Skip the hassle of fresh fruit and opt for dried fruit instead. Dried fruit gets a bad rep due to ungodly amounts of sugar added to them, which makes them taste like candy. However, there are dried fruits with no added sugar. Some of my go-to dried fruits are prunes and raisins.

Freeze dried fruit is an excellent alternative to dried fruit, because the only ingredients they contain are fruit that has been- you guessed it- freeze dried. They come in a variety of fruits, ranging from apple to banana to strawberry, to even pineapple.

#SpoonTip: Pack foods that do not make a lot of noise while eaten, have a weird smell to them, are sticky, or prone to spilling.

2. Bars

Rachel Hartman

Bars are a great, portable on the go snack that is perfect for plane rides! However, many bars contain lots of sugar that is equivalent to some candy bars. Bars such as Lara Bars, Rx, and KIND bars make for great options, as they contain little to no refined sugar, few ingredients, and are minimally processed. They are packed with healthy fats and carbs from the fruit.

My personal bar of choice are Lara Bars. They are made with minimal ingredients, minimal processing, and no added sugar. The basis for these bars are dates and nuts. They also come in a plethora of flavors, ranging from cherry pie to peanut butter cookie.

3. Nuts 

walnut, nut
Christin Urso

Whether you like them sweet, spicy, salty, or chocolate-covered, nuts are perfect for the plane. Fortunately, most airlines distribute peanuts as an in-flight snack. If you're not a huge fan of peanuts, you can easily bring your own. Similar to the bars and dried fruits, there are so many nuts to choose from, such as cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, or even a trail mix. Nuts also pack a punch of protein and heart-healthy fats. 

4. Jerky

Megan Yee

Jerky is chewy, packed with protein, and sure to keep you full throughout your flight. Turkey and chicken jerky are the healthiest, and can be found in sweet and spicy flavors.

5. Water

milk, yogurt, soda, water, ice, cream, juice
Kristine Mahan

Though technically not a snack, water is a must when traveling. Staying hydrated up in the air is super important. Water on a plane often contains bacteria so packing a refillable water bottle is vital for plane travel. Since TSA prohibits liquids over three ounces, make sure to dump out the water before going through security!

The next time you are aimlessly walking down the grocery aisles trying to find snacks for your plane ride, keep these five snacks in mind. These snacks are not just good for plane rides, but good for any trip in general. Packing healthy snacks for travel does not have to be as difficult as one may make it seem.