I usually pick an airline based on how little it will make my bank account cry, but I've found this method to leave my stomach pretty unhappy. Sometimes you feel so good about finding the cheapest flight, but more often than not, it disappoints in the complimentary snack realm.

It's definitely important to know what food you'll be getting when you choose an airline, as I've found that what snack I get is one of the most important factors of my air experience. Here is the unofficial ranking of all US airlines, based on what they're willing to give up out of their pantry. 

9. TIE - Spirit, Frontier, & Allegiant

While these airlines are my go-to for the college student budget I'm on, they do not offer any complimentary snacks. I guess you have to weigh what's more important: saving money or eating some grub 30,000 miles high.

8. Virgin Airlines

Virgin America definitely shares my vision about what planes look like. While they don't offer complimentary snacks, you have the ability to buy food right from your personal chair TV, and the flight attendants will bring it right to your seat. There's nothing I like more than food on demand and minimal human interaction.

7. Southwest Air

Southwest slides in at number 7 with what seems to be a pretty standard free snack: pretzels and some lightly salted peanuts. We appreciate that #bareminimum.

6. American Airlines

American swings in with those pretzels like Southwest, but they also throw in "Europe's Favorite Cookie," Biscoff cookies. If you haven't tried these, either hop on an American flight or head over to Walmart asap.

5. Alaska Airlines

Not only does Alaska Airlines fly in and out of Alaska, but it also features flights all across the US including Hawaii, which inspires their complimentary snack mix of pineapple, sesame sticks, and macadamia nuts. Use this as an excuse to go see some polar bears.

4. Delta Airlines

Delta also serves up those delicious European Biscoff cookies, but they also add peanuts, pretzels, and an apple cinnamon yogurt bar to their list of free options. I wouldn't say these are the most exciting options, but at least Delta offers some variety.

3. United Airlines

Later in the day, United serves a free, zesty Asian-style snack mix, which, I can say from personal experience, is seriously addicting. BUT, if you are an early riser and schedule a flight before 9:45 am, you will be smacked in the face by the grace of this Stroopwafel cookie. I have tasted few things that are more delicious than this piece of circular caramel heaven.

2. Jet Blue Airlines

There are few moments where I have been happier than I am when I see a flight attendant come down the row with an overflowing basket of free snacks. JetBlue offers complimentary Cheez-Its, Craisins, PopCorners, potato chips, AND chocolate chip cookies. All I know is that the owners of JetBlue must be some serious foodies. 

1. Hawaiian Airlines

If the actual scenery of tropical islands wasn't enough incentive to travel to Hawaii, this food will certainly throw you over the edge. Hawaiian Airlines provides entire free meals on their flights and change the menu on each flight, depending on what area you are flying from. They also serve free alcoholic drinks to get you in that island mood.

So, the next time you're deciding what airline to fly on, just take a trip to Hawaii for the best airplane food. That's some concrete reasoning, if you ask me.