Food is super important — it helps us live and we live for it. We center our social events around food, some of our memories are based on food, and it can even makes us feel better. There are rarely people who don't enjoy eating food, so it makes sense to try as many different foods as possible before you die (or at least before the semester ends!). Here are some food-related activities you’ve gotta add to your bucket list. Go big or go home, amirite?

1. Have Afternoon Tea with Friends

beer, tea
Alex Frank

Afternoon tea is a rite of passage. Tea sandwiches mixed with delicious pastries and flavorful tea is the only proper way to spend an afternoon. If you’re short on cash, you can do it yourself.

2. Eat Fondue

batter, flour, dairy product, bread, milk, cream
Ishaan Pathak

Fondue has changed many lives. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a delicious pot of melted goodness (commonly in the form of cheese or chocolate, but not always) with amazing sides to dip in it. If you’ve already had fondue, try another type like s’mores fondue.

3. Trying a Fast Food Place You've never Tried Before, Like Chipotle

burrito bowl, Chipotle Burrito Bowl, Chipotle
Jocelyn Hsu

After eating Chipotle, you’ll never go back to another fast food chain again (in fact, you might even get addicted to Chipotle). Before your head to your nearest Chipotle, read up on some #LifeHacks to upgrade your Chipotle experience. So rush to Chipotle. Your life will be changed.

4. Go Vegan For a Week

sauce, broccoli, meat, carrot, stir-fry, noodle, pasta, vegetable
Megan Prendergast

Beyoncè is vegan, so why shouldn’t you go vegan? It helps you feel healthy, it reduces your carbon footprint, and there are tons of other benefits. Try it for a week and then continue your normal diet or stay vegan; you never know, you might like it.

5. Go Out For Bottomless Brunch

toast, juice, bread, coffee, bacon, egg
Carolyn Alessi

Brunch is the most important meal of the day, and bottomless brunch is the best type of brunch you can get. Sure, you can hack your dining hall, but that doesn’t compare to the ~*real bottomless brunch experience*~. Head to a brunch place near you with your brunch bestie. And when you’re done, relive those memories through #SpoonFeed and throw your own bangin’ brunch.

6. Go To An Edible Museum

You can see a cake and eat it too at a museum. The Museum of Food and Drink in New York is one of first food museums in America, featuring interactive exhibits. Even if you don’t live in New York, it’s worth the trip.

7. Eat Only Ice Cream For an Entire Day

cappuccino, candy, sweet, coffee, cream, chocolate, milk
Rica Beltran

What better way to show your love for ice cream, probably the best dessert ever, than eating it for an entire day. Try spicing it up with fruit or some cool toppings. Mix in some savory ice cream when you’ve lost your sweet tooth and make it out of bananas when you’re starting to feel sick. Do it for the Snap story. 

8. Eat At a Food Truck

cake, wine
Sharon Cho

You can get almost anything from a food truck. Track some food trucks using an app or go to a food truck festival. Once you find a truck, it’ll all be worth it.

9. Go Fruit Picking

apple, juice, sweet
Ellen Gibbs

There are plenty of reasons to go fruit picking, lots of fruit picking guides and tons of fruit picking farms near you. So, if you haven’t done this yet, grab a few friends and some cash and get ready to pick some fruit.

10. Make DIY Cheese

pepper jack, milk, dairy product, cheese, dairy
Caroline Ingalls

You can’t be a true #CheeseLover without making your own. You can use this 3-ingredient recipe to make homemade cheese in 30 minutes. When you’ve finished, make some grilled cheese or a nice bowl of ram n’ cheese.

11. Eat Sushi

California roll, chopsticks, roll, sushi, seafood, rice, fish, tuna, avocado, shrimp, salmon, wasabi, nori, crab, eel
Caroline Ingalls

California rolls don’t count. Conquer your fear of eating real sushi and sashimi, and go get some at a sushi place near you. Hey, you might even meet a celebrity there.

12. Eat Samples at Costco For Lunch

coffee, beer
Samantha Locker

Costco samples are basically a free appetizer party. Find a friend with a Costco membership and get sampling.

13. Try a Quirky Hybrid Food

Casey Brand

Why wouldn’t you want two of your favorite foods combined in one? Try the iconic #cronut or some lesser known hybrid foods.

14. Try Raw Oysters

seafood, shellfish, oyster, fish, lemon, mussel
Catherine Van Helden

Don’t freak out – raw oysters are actually pretty good. But if you’re not ready, settle for some fried, charbroiled, and even candied oysters. So, get on it – the world is your oyster.

15. Eat Authentic Ethiopian Food

Nona Bankova

Get messy and start eating with your hands: Ethiopian food is sure to impress everyone. Step out of your comfort zone and into your nearest Ethiopian restaurant.

16. Have Dim Sum

tortellini, dough, gyoza, ravioli, soup, meat, pork, dumpling
Teodora Maftei

Eat some dim sum, but before you go, don’t be a dummy and learn how to navigate the dim sum menu.

17. Bite Into Your First Macaron

macaroon, sweet, candy, meringue, cookie, chocolate, pistachio, macaron, cake, sweetmeat, cream, pastry
Hannah Linn

You’ve seen macarons all over Instagram. It’s time to try them yourself with help from this handy guide to macarons. If macarons aren’t near you, order some off the internet or make your own.

18. Try a Crazy Ice Cream Flavor

candy, relish, ice, goody, chocolate, wafer, cream, waffle, sweet
Alex Frank

Challenge your taste buds with savory ice cream or wine ice cream. Tip: Maybe don't use this flavor when you eat only ice cream for the day. You may or may not like it, but hey, you tried!

19. Eat a Fancy Hot Dog

candy, chocolate
Rebecca Buchanan

Hot dogs carts are everywhere, and many of them sell fancified hot dogs with onions, chili, and many other favorite toppings. So, head out and try one.

20. Try Some Real Soul Food

sauce, chicken
Jedd Marrero

You've got to nourish your soul, and soul food is the best way to do it. Get some grits, chicken and waffles, and sweet tea (make it really sweet). Soul food is best served in the south, so maybe even consider taking a trip.

21. Eat Breakfast For Dinner

muesli, milk, cereal, porridge, rice, oatmeal
Christin Urso

Find the inner rebel within you and eat breakfast for dinner. Go all out and make the full English breakfast, microwave some oatmeal, or if you want to play it safe, make this savory pancake.

22. Snack at a Movie Theater

caramel, corn, sweet, popcorn
Sara Carte

Go to a dine in theater near you, or if the closest one to you is 245 miles away (I feel), have a movie night at home and enjoy some movie-food pairings with your roommates.

23. Experience Molecular Gastronomy

You don’t have to like Chemistry to enjoy molecular gastronomy. You can even make these recipes yourself.

24. Participate in a Food Eating Contest

Break out your nicest maternity dress and try competitive eating. It’s fun, insane (in a good way), and who wouldn’t want to eat 300 hot dogs in a minute? #goals

25. Make Food Art

sweet, bread, avocado
Katie Harman

Bring out your inner kid and play with your food. Start with some food art for noobs or pancake art and soon you’ll be featured in museums across the world. Just don’t forget to Instagram it with #SpoonFeed.

26. Eat Southern BBQ

pork, meat, barbecue, beef, pepper, sauce
Letty DiLeo

Get out your blue jeans and get ready to cross the border into the South. If you’re from the North, learn a little about BBQ before you go to a Texas steakhouse and order some South Carolina BBQ ribs.

27. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

Get your food served with an interactive show and the excitement of murder. Murder mystery parties are like playing clue in real life, and there are tons of resources for beginners.

28. Eat 180 Oysters in One Sitting

So you tried oysters and you loved them! Time for a road trip. At Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, Louisiana, they have a 15 Dozen Club Challenge, where they challenge people to eat 180 oysters. This is a great way to get your oyster fix that will make an every better post for the 'gram.

29. Eat the Spiciest Thing On Earth

Spice, Spicy, Market, chilis, salsa, pepper, chili
Dea Uy

If you think your minty mouthwash is too “spicy,” you might not want to add this to your bucket list (or instead, try increasing your spicy food tolerance). But if Sriracha is starting to bore you, hit up one of these spicy food hot spots. Just take some precautions.

30. Eat a Sink Full of Ice Cream in Under 30 Minutes

If you’ve already ate only ice cream for a day and didn’t get sick of it, you should try this challenge. At San Francisco Creamery, they are offering free ice cream for a year to the person who finishes this sink of ice cream in under 30 minutes.

31. Compete Against Your Friends in a Chubby Bunny Challenge

Stuff marshmallows into your mouth and say “chubby bunny” between each marshmallow you add. And yes, put it on social media. 

32. Go to a Restaurant From Your Favorite TV Show

Did you know the restaurant from "Seinfeld" is actually located in New York City? It’s called Tom’s Restaurant and it’s still open today. Remember "Gossip Girl?" You can eat like the cast at several restaurants around NYC. 

33. Eat 11 lbs of Pizza With a Friend in an Hour

Big Pie In The Sky hosts a challenge to eat a whole 11 lb pizza in under an hour. Nothing says friendship like teamwork in eating this huge pizza (and winning).