Understandably so, I am obsessed with Nutella. It is incredibly versatile, the perfect snack and just plain delicious. However, Nutella is not perfect. Why? Well, Nutella has only one type. The lack of variety is why I'm proposing to Ferrero (yes, Ferrero produces Nutella) a twist on the beloved spread: crunchy Nutella.

The jars of Nutella we all purchase and adore is undoubtedly creamy. Truthfully, I can go through a jar per week (yes, I know it's seriously unhealthy). But, I think it's time Nutella created some variety. We, the consumers, need variety.

Don't persecute me. I'm not suggesting that we mess with perfection. I'm simply suggesting that Ferrero offer an additional product to enhance the flawless line of Nutella-related products, and here are some reasons why.

The Texture of Crunchy Spreads is Superior

I know this is a controversial stance, but I prefer crunchy peanut butter over smooth. The texture is more interactive and dynamic, and it tends to be less oily.

I mean, look at that beauty! Imagine how much more amazing this delicacy would be if it were smothered in crunchy Nutella instead!

Selection is Key

Recently, there's been a movement to explore different kinds of nut butters. Gone are the days where Jif and Skippy reigned supreme: People want weird flavors, like birthday cake flavored peanut butter.

Seeing rows of Nutella is a sight to behold, but the eye is drawn to things that are different and unique. Imagine the joy you'd feel as you saw the word "crunchy," slapped on a jar of Nutella. You'd be able to try a new Nutella product, and how could that not be great?

It'll Give Your Health Nut Friends a Reason to Shut Up

Nutella is not the healthiest food. It is processed and packed with sugar. Some people resorted to making their own to control the ingredient content. That's a great idea, but not everyone has time to make their own Nutella.

Having crunchy Nutella has potential to be a healthier alternative to the original spread. If your health-crazed friends give you flak about indulging in the sugary, hazelnut spread, you can show them the real pieces of nuts in your half-eaten jar of crunchy Nutella. If there are real nuts, is it really that unhealthy for you?

So, there ya go folks: some reasons why crunchy Nutella needs to exist in this world. I mean, come on. It's 2017. This should have existed decades ago.

Now, it's up to Ferrero to see if they'll pull through with this insatiable desire.