If you know me, there are two things in this world that I am obsessed with: Shark Tank and spreads. Imagine my elation when the two came together in the form of Nuts 'N More.

Nuts 'N More is an all-natural, high-protein spread, providing health-freaks and nut butter aficionados alike a unique flavor experience. The company has flavors I have never seen before, like cinnamon raisin almond butter and salted caramel peanut butter. As an added bonus, they tend to be lower in calories than traditional nut butters and have a shorter ingredient list.

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Jeanne Paulino

The company was generous enough to send me three different flavors to try: Birthday Cake, Cookie Butter, and Chocolate Maple Pretzel. I reviewed them based on the spreads individually, with bananas, and on toast, since this is how I enjoy my spreads.

Birthday Cake

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Jeanne Paulino

This is the flavor I was most excited to try. I mean, birthday cake batter is one of my favorite flavors in general; combine it with peanut butter, and you've got a match made in heaven.

Breaking the seal, I was engulfed by the sweet nostalgia of Funfetti cake mix I used to eat as a child. As I scooped my first spoonful, I was pleasantly surprised to find little bits of sprinkles. Nuts 'N More certainly went all out with the "birthday cake" theme.

I'll be honest with you; I was supposed to only eat one tablespoon, but I kept sneaking more, and I couldn't care about the inordinate amount of calories I was consuming. It was that addictive. I could eat it all day, just by itself. The consistency was rich, much like eating the leftover batter from the whisk. And it tasted exactly like a vanilla cake with peanut butter, so it was everything that I expected and more.

Although it tasted great with bananas and toast, I think it faired best by itself to let the flavors shine. 

Cookie Butter

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Jeanne Paulino

Cookie Butter is the pride and joy of Trader Joe's. The unique flavor of the gingerbread-y Speculoos cookie became an instantaneous hit, trending on social media and selling out in stores. While it isn't terrible for you, thankfully there are healthier alternatives, and that's where Nuts 'N More comes in.

Although it does not taste exactly like the original, Nuts 'N More's version of Cookie Butter has the same warm, spicy flavor Cookie Butter lovers will recognize. What distinguishes Nuts 'N More from Trader Joe's cookie butter is its richness. Because it is nut based and full of healthy fats, Nuts 'N More's Cookie Butter will satiate you for much longer than its traditional counterpart.

Combine the Cookie Butter flavor with a banana and you've got a match made in heaven that is not only delicious, but nutritious.

Chocolate Maple Pretzel

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Jeanne Paulino

This flavor was the most surprising. It was the one that I thought would be most similar to something that I've had before, seeing that I've had chocolate peanut butter before.

I was wrong.

The Chocolate Maple Pretzel peanut butter from Nuts 'N More was hands-down my favorite spread from the company, and perhaps my favorite spread of all time.

Yes, and that is coming from a Nutella lover.

The formula was the best out of the three; it was not as thick as Birthday Cake, yet just as rich as Cookie Butter. The chocolate and peanut butter combined for a sweet yet slightly bitter flavor sensation. But what sold me was the fact that there were tiny bits of pretzel in every bite and hints of maple with every lick. The crunch and the hint of sugar goodness added a completely new dimension to the experience.

Slather it on some whole wheat bread and you've got a sandwich you won't ever get tired of eating for lunch. Or eat it by the spoonful. I won't judge.

If you're getting tired of peanut butter (which I would question, since peanut butter is amazing) or you're looking to explore more alternatives to the wonder that are nut spreads (which I would applaud), there's no other brand I would recommend more. Nuts 'N More, you have magnified my obsession tenfold, and I am not complaining.