Nutella lovers everywhere are used to experimenting with new ways to implement Nutella into their routine diet. As a Nutella fanatic myself, I starting thinking of ways to test this out as well and wanted to explore some new foods. After this inspiration, I extended the offer to my family and my younger sister, Jenna, volunteered as tribute to give her perspective on some of these crazy combos that we found lying around our kitchen at home. 

Some of these combinations you may have heard of, some you may have not, but I guarantee there’s at least one on this list that will come as a surprise when paired with Nutella. From one Nutella-crazed fan to another, I hope you enjoy this quick list of random combos to try out.

1. Potato Chips 

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Amanda Lang

Starting off, we have the traditional potato chip. This is the kind of food that is most likely lying around in your kitchen and cabinets at this very moment. This sweet and salty combination can revamp your classic couch potato to classy couch potato after dipping it into this hazelnut spread.

Jenna noted that this combination is less of a surprise, because there are already chocolate-covered potato chips in stores. We agreed that this combination brought the perfect balance of flavors and texture. With this combo, Nutella brings the smooth, sweet delight while the chip snaps back with a crunchy, savory, salty flavor that will rock your mouth. 

2. Carrots

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Amanda Lang

Ranch, veggie dip, and even peanut butter are no strangers to carrots, so why not throw Nutella in the mix? Crunch, crunch, Nutella, crunch–the onomatopoeia of taste-testing this interesting combo. Our impression of this combination was very pleasing, and we both agree that Nutella and carrots are going to be the new party go-to snack favorite.

Mixing carrots and Nutella was weird at first, but after the first bite, we enjoyed the crunchy, sweet, and creamy combo. Carrots are already naturally sweet so with the addition of Nutella, it created a tasty, (somewhat) healthy treat. Jenna agreed that the smoothness of the Nutella was balanced by the crunchy carrot for a surprisingly nice taste as well. 

3. Goldfish 

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Amanda Lang

Swimming into third is Goldfish, which doesn’t seem like it would mix well with Nutella. My sister and I were so curious about this pair that we wanted to test it out, so we did with the Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish Colors—not Flavor Blasted–just in case anyone is eager to slab Nutella on their Flavor Blasted Pizza Goldfish and come back complaining. The Colored Goldfish are essentially the same as regular Goldfish, but we just happened to have the Goldfish Colors on hand.

We liked this combo because it is not a taste you would expect from cheddar baked snacks. When you think of cheddar mixed with Nutella, let alone cheddar and chocolate, it is the last thing that comes to mind in regards to tastiness. Surprisingly, we recommend this combination because of the infusion of cheddar, with a sweet finish. 

4. Frosted Flakes

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Amanda Lang

They're grrrreat with Nutella. Assuming you are a Nutella lover like me, or even just shop at grocery stores, you have all probably seen the Nutella-to-go packets. These are brilliant, but they always need a new duo for the Nutella instead of the typical cracker sticks. We believe that Frosted Flakes, the Kellogg’s cereal, should be this new duo. Who would have thought that a cereal lying around the kitchen could work with this hazelnut sweetness?

This one was fun for me because I love Frosted Flakes and Nutella separately, so this pairing seemed like it needed to happen. Again, there is a great mixture of texture between these two foods; the flakes brought the crispy crunch and the Nutella brought the creamy goodness. This was probably the sweetest combination that my sister and I tested out. 

5. Cheetos 

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Amanda Lang

Nutella lovers, brace yourselves. Cheetos? It can’t be! Just the thought of Cheetos and Nutella gets a scrunch-faced, cringe-worthy reaction. I know, I was hesitant to try this at first too. Aside from some of the other rejects, I was sure these would not make the list, but I promise they will not ruin Nutella for you. This pair will be an accomplishment you can cross right off your bucket-list of weird combinations, because it has definitely topped my list.

Typically, I am not one to go for Cheetos on a regular basis, so this combination was very eye-opening. My first impression was good because the Nutella hazelnut spread danced with the crispy flavors of the Cheetos, and it amazingly worked well. Jenna thought that this could be the new phenomenon food for the Minnesota State Fair if it was deep-fried or something of the sorts.

While making this list, of course we had to come across a couple fails along the way. A couple of these failed duos that we agreed weren’t nearly as good as the others included fruit gummies and sweet pickles. 

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Amanda Lang

The fruit gummies, in my opinion, reminded me of gross cough medicine. The Nutella made the creamy texture fruity in the bad kind of way, and it felt chunky, gross and was just so BLAH! Jenna thought that this was not the best combination either, but somewhat reminded her of Brookside chocolates. 

Next, we gave sweet pickles the benefit of the doubt and dipped them in Nutella. It would have been a very cool addition to this list, but alas, it was gag-worthy. Within about five seconds of testing this combo, we made a bee-line straight to the trash. We highly recommend staying clear of this combination.

Amanda Lang

I hope this list will inspire you to not only go out and try all of these combos, but experiment to find new weird combinations that deserve to be on this list. Until next time my Nutella foodies