We all know a guy who is bananas for pickles – possibly for banana pickles – or that one person who would be in complete bliss drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar. Well, here’s some great news regardless of where you land on the spectrum from admirer to addict: pickle flavor is all the rage.

A pickle is a cucumber preserved in vinegar or brine, a solution of salt in water. Brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus (here is a handy-dandy timeline), pickles are still going strong six centuries later, claiming a spot amongst the list of more commonly used flavorings.

Dill pickle-flavored chips:

Lay's Dill Pickle

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Not too far from your spot in the stacks you’ve been living in for the past week, there are Lays Dill Pickle flavored chips in good ol’ Hillside. Think of all the possibilities in your future sandwiches, the ultimate pickle-flavored crunch. Dill-icious.

 Pickle cocktails:


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Picking up popularity is the pickleback cocktail. This drink has many versions, the most common being a shot of Jameson’s Irish whiskey and equal part pickle juice. Hungover? Never fear, pickle juice is great for hydrating and boositing energy.

 Pickle ice cream:

Pregnant woman's dream?

Taken courtesy of Flickr

Schweeet. Check out this New York Times recipe for peanut butter and pickle ice cream.

 Pickle Flavored Candy Canes:

Taken from static.neatoshop

Yup. Enough said.

The possibilities are endless. So, pickle admirers of any and all caliber, take your pick in which way you’d like to next enjoy your pickle dose.