Nutella isn’t just a spread, it’s a way of life. That chocolate hazelnut goodness holds a special place in the college kid heart that no other food could ever replace. If you’re the type to eat it straight from the jar, here’s 17 signs that you may be addicted and should consider joining a support group.

1. You wake up every morning thinking about the different ways you’re going to eat Nutella that day, and you dream of inventive new methods of transporting the spread from jar to mouth.

2. The thought of Nutella knockoffs make you cringe. You’re a fierce supporter of the OG spread and you’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Photo by Keren Straus

3. You have at least three different sizes of the spread in your kitchen (or dorm) at all times.

Photo by Daniah Mohammed

4. You refuse to eat breakfast unless there’s Nutella in your cereal:

Photo by Izzi Clark

5. Or in a milkshake:

Photo by Joyce Hsu

6. Or even a decadent croissant for those cheat days:

Photo by Adiranna Simeone

7. Your relationship with Nutella is a love story more powerful than any chick flick or romantic movie. If you and Nutella were Jack and Rose from Titanic, you’d make damn well sure that Nutella got on that raft. And if there wasn’t space, you’d build a bigger raft.

8. The thought of discontinuing Nutella is too heartbreaking to even contemplate.

Gif courtesy of Giphy

9. You know cookie butter is no match for Nutella, no matter how much it may try. No spread could ever replace the joy of chocolate and hazelnut, especially one that’s not even a real nut butter.

Photo by Steven Baboun

10. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would be Nutella founder Michele Ferrero. He brought the love of your life into existence and instilled joy in the hearts of addicts worldwide.

Photo courtesy of the U. K. Telegraph

11. You’re seriously considering calling your future child “Nutella” if it’s a girl or “Nutello” if it’s a boy. It’s admittedly a pretty hot name.

12. You consider fruit as just another vehicle for Nutella. Whether it’s strawberries or bananas, it’ll taste better slathered in hazelnut and chocolate. But at least you’re getting all your food groups in.

Photo by Hayley Durham

13. When you’re alone in your dorm, you get in bed with your laptop and watch some serious Nutella food porn.

Gif by Alvin Zhou

14. Your go-to movie date is popcorn and Nutella and no one can convince you otherwise. It’s a match made in late night snack heaven.

Photo by Andrea Kang

15. You’ll find a reason to eat it with everything. Granola? Add some Nutella to that.

Photo by Maia Vernacchia

16. You know Nutella is the secret ingredient to some seriously epic s’mores.

Photo by Sharon Cho

17. You’re willing eat Nutella-hamburger-and-fries. If you’re eating Nutella with your meat, though, it’s probably time to seek help. There are some things that you shouldn’t slather in chocolate and hazelnut, as perfect as it is.

Photo by Justin Shannin

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