Becoming a vegan is not new, however, it seems like lately more people are jumping on the bandwagon. It makes sense; the opportunities are endless when it comes to making meals with plants. They're flavorful and look as good as they taste. They also have a bunch of important vitamins and minerals you need for your body.

If you're vegan, then look no more, because I have found the perfect Instagram accounts for you, serving up serious inspo and #foodporn. And if you're yet to join the plant-based lifestyle (have you not watched "What the Health?"), you can still reap the benefits.

Whether you're vegan or not, you have to admit that the posts from these accounts all look pretty tasty. Here are 25 vegan Instagram accounts you need to follow today. 

1. @plantbased_pixie

You won't want to stop looking at this vegan Instagram once you start. The food looks so delicious that you'll be inspired to start cooking immediately (at least, that's how I felt). The account is run by Pixie Turner, a nutritionist, food blogger and soon to be author. She has book due out in April 2018 called "The Wellness Rebel." According to her blog, Pixie is all about science — she's not into alternative medicine or changing your diet to cure all. 

2. @plantbasedfoodz

Although it's a little low on followers, this underrated 'gram knows how to make food look delicious. At first glance, you would never even know these dishes are even vegan! Plus, there's a lot of creative dishes you'll want to try at home and they're totally budget friendly. Amy, the owner of this Instagram, is trying to eat plant-based on a budget. From the looks of her pictures she seems to be doing a pretty good job. 

3. @nomyourself

While this might look like a normal burger, it's actually a veggie burger. It's still possible to enjoy your favorite foods as long as you're OK with switching them up a bit. This vegan Instagram account shows just how to do that. If you need some more inspiration, pick up Mary Mattern's book "Nom Yourself" — she's the owner of this account. She's a personal chef who taught herself how to cook with veggies and make them taste good. 

4. @plantbasedblonde

Eating this avocado toast might be a sin because it looks so beautiful. I guess that's why this account put it on Instagram, because even if you eat it, you can still reminisce with post that's there. This account is run by Caroline Ginolfi, a certified plant- based nutritionist and health coach. She does a great job of showcasing simple and delicious vegan meals. 

5. @thrivingonplants

This pesto pasta looks divine. If I scrolled through this while on Instagram, I'd run straight to the store to get all the ingredients. You might not do that, but you'll definitely want to make it sometime soon. 

6. @sweetsimplevegan

Who cares about eating meat when you have a plate of food that looks this good? Just mix you favorite veggies together and top it with some seasoning to make one of these colorful bowls. Thanks to Jasmine, the owner and recipe developer of this marvelous account, we now know how simple this can be to make (and how delicious it looks). 

7. @plantbased_food_and_travel

I don't know about you, but I want to learn to make this at home. This vegan Instagram will have you wanting to know how to make every dish that's posted, and that's OK. Conny, the genius mind behind this account, also runs a food blog where she puts up recipes for followers to try at home.  

8. @givemethatplant

This vegan breakfast idea is one that you'll want to keep close by. You can top your morning oatmeal with just about anything and make it look as beautiful as this. If you make something that you think just looks totally bomb, tag it with #givemethatplant for a chance to be featured on this 'gram. 

9. @lenaliciously

Lena, the plant-based foodie behind this account, is convincing you that you don't need sauce and cheese to have a pizza. Avocado is more an enough of a topping for me. It looks good and tastes even better. 

10. @sixvegansisters

This Instagram account is run by six sisters who are all vegan and want to share their journey with you. If you thought that being vegan alone is tough, then find yourself some friends or family to make the switch with you. It looks like it's working out well for these sisters! Check out their blog for the recipes behind their mouth-watering posts. 

11. @veganfoodspot

The mix of colorful dishes on this page is so beautiful, you'll def want to have these posts in your Insta feed. Take a look and get inspired to make these meals at home. Amanda, the account owner, created this account because she wanted to share her love for the vegan lifestyle. She even created a website to share her recipes — now you actually can make this at home. 

12. @madebyplants

When I try to make food look pretty like this, it never seems to turn out the same. All of the food on this page is plant-based, and is sustainable and eco friendly. If not for that, it's also really pretty. You know, I can always turn to Instagram for pretty looking food. 

13. @wanderandspice

Being a foodie that only eats plants might be better than just being a regular foodie, because plants not only taste good, but they look good in pictures. Francesa's account is not exception. Her love for food and travel in Miami pays off in her beautiful posts. 

14. @veganbowls

Vegan bowls are amazing, if you ask me. It can be disheartening to look at this beautifully structured bowl knowing that you won't be able to recreate it yourself, but hey, you could try! 

15. @vegeheroes

This vegan Instagram might actually be the hero you were looking for. Not only will you get to look at foods to spark inspiration for your next vegan dinner party, but like all of these accounts, the posts look oh so pretty. 

16. @yuminthetum

The name of this account says it all. Each picture looks more delectable than the next, making you wish you could eat it all at once. That would involve you making every dish in your own kitchen though, which you could totally do. 

17. @hopefoods

This veggie sandwich looks better than anything I have ever seen before. If only all food looked this good and was this fresh — vegans are really living (eating) a good life. If you actually want to try any of these dishes, check out Hope Foods website to see what they're selling. This brand strives itself on vegan foods made from organic and non-GMO ingredients. That's probably why it all looks delicious. 

18. @organicfoodfeed 

Who says you can't eat Chinese foods if you're a vegan? This 'gram account proves that you can still eat your favorite meals, as long as you tailor them to fit your eating habits. Now that's what I like to hear. 

19. @plantbasedjudy

Here's another perfect example of being able to enjoy your favorite foods while still sticking to your vegan diet. Judy knows that all she has to do is switch up her ingredients to make her favorite snacks. And she doesn't even have to substitute on tastiness — that's what you want, isn't it? Judy, the creator of this Instagram published a book called "Plantbased on a Budget." If you need some recipe ideas but don't want to spend a lot, you should check it out. 

20. @veganeatstreet

A perk of being vegan means eating as many acai bowls as you want, right? This vegan Instagram account showcases the endless combinations you can create with these smoothie bowls. If you've never made your own, it's not that hard. You can make one in six minutes or less! 

21. @veganfatkid

You don't need animal products to make a good tasting wrap. There's no reason vegans shouldn't eat good foods, too. Plants taste just as good, if not better than other foods, and this Instagram showcases just that. If you want even more out of the this Instagram page, then check out the Train Vegan clothing line, created by @trainvegan, the founder of this account. 

22. @veganyackattack

If you ever need to satisfy some cravings without actually eating anything (but, why would you torture yourself like that?), just take a look at this Instagram account. If you weren't hungry before, you will be once you're done scrolling. Jackie Sobon does a a great job running this account. She founded Vegan Yack Attack and even wrote a book entitled "Vegan Bowl Attack." 

23. @brusselsvegan

These veggie-filled tacos are just what you never knew you wanted. But who could blame you? If you find yourself having second thoughts about leaving the meat out of your tacos, this vegan Instagram account will help change your mind. This account and blog is brought to you by Kim-Julie Hansen, who has her hands full by running this and three other vegan blogs. Not to mention, she's the founder of Vegan Reset and loves to help those who want to adopt a vegan lifestyle know exactly what to do. 

24. @minimalistbaker

Thanks to Dana, who is the recipe developer and main photographer for this Instagram, you can look at all of her delicious dishes whenever you want. There's something about this dish of pasta and veggies that you just can't pass up. Let's look at it this way — pasta tastes good and veggies are good for you, so putting the two together is like a match made in heaven. 

25. @bestofvegan

Sushi might have fish in it, but that doesn't mean you can't make veggie sushi. This Instagram account run by Vegan Reset, a program that wants to help you maintain your vegan diet, knows that veggie sushi is a much better choice than eating raw fish. I would have to agree with them on this one.

Whether you're already a vegan or you're looking for some inspiration to make the diet change, you have to follow these vegan Instagram accounts. I can't promise that you won't want to eat after looking at all this food, but at least you'll have some ideas of what to cook.