Toast is pretty much the king of classic breakfast fare. But plenty of savvy social media users have elevated this breakfast royalty from toast to fancy toast.

From avocado, to eggs, to berries, to all sorts of nuts and seeds — fancy toast is more than just a meal, it's becoming a way of life. In fact, fancy toast is so popular that there are multiple Instagram accounts devoted to the stuff.

I've rounded up the most underrated, yet best 'grams for your fancy toast cravings. But be warned, you def shouldn't look at these while you're hungry.

1. @fancytoast_official

Plain toast is a thing of the past. Just check out this Instagram claiming to have "epic toast from the west coast" for some inspiration on how to upgrade your morning slice. Every post will look so good that you'll want to try all of them. Or maybe you might not want to eat them because they look so pretty — it's up to you.  

2. @avocado.toast

If you love avocado toast, then this is the Instagram account for you. All the pictures are regrams of the best avocado toast (if that wasn't already obvious from the name) and a variety of toppings. If you don't like avocado toast before looking at this 'gram, it will make you fall in love. 

3. @fancyfuckingtoast 

The possibilities of fancy toast are endless, and this Instagram account proves that anything you could imagine would make for a good toast topping. Their innovation is probably why they've been featured on the cover of bon appètit magazine

4. @toastchick

Toast chick is a Film Fest Creative Director by day, toast master by night. I mean, who knew someone could make peanut butter banana toast could look so delectable? I guess this just proves that there's always a way to elevate a simple meal. 

5. @the_toastbar

This 'gram might not seem like much when you first look at it — it only has 14 posts. But who cares how many pictures it has if they're all of fancy toast? The Toast Bar describes themselves as a "Premium Toast Enthusiast" and their posts are well on their way to proving it.  

6. @avocadotoast

This 'gram is definitely the least underrated on this list — it's powered by The Infatuation with over 50K followers, and dedicated to loaded avocado toasts. Either your next toast inspiration will be found on this page, or your own toast will be featured. If you want the chance for your avocado toast to be regrammed, add #EEEEEATS to your post.

7. @toastproblem

Another smaller, but still admirable account, Toast Problem spices up their toast by often adding jalapeños. When they're not spicing it up, this account claims to be all about butter, lebneh, avocado, homemade pickles, jams and preserves as well . 

8. @toastsforall

The account's goal is to bring toast lovers together through #toastsforall. It boasts a pretty big following and an even bigger variety of toast posts. From avocado to egg to grilled to chocolate — you'll find it all here. 

9. @avoandtoast

This Instagram account obviously posts avocado toast, but also the occasional solo avo and meme. They also rate the avocado toast they eat on a scale from one to 10, so you know where to find the best tasting, not just those for the Insta. For reference, it looks like most recent posts have received at least an eight or above. They've also asked followers in their bio for venue recommendations and to tag them in posts for regrams, so be sure to recommend your 10/10 toasts or higher. 

10. @toastagram_

For The Love Of Toast (@toastagram) is all about the #toastspiration. They regram other toasts on Insta to provide inspiration for the kitchen and it works — I'm already inspired by these heart-shaped toasts! Use #toastagram for the chance to be featured. 

11. @toastspiration 

Toast doesn't have to just serve as a base to avocado. Go ahead and top your toast with sweets, no one's stopping you. This post is giving me serious sweet-toast inspiration. If you want to inspire others with your #toastpost, tag @toastspiration for a possible feature. 

Fancy toast is more than just a food trend, it's lifestyle. OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But topping toast with everything from sweet to savory takes it, as Drake would say, from zero to 100. If you weren't already a fan of fancy toast, these Instagram accounts will be sure to inspire you to go beyond the bread and butter. So start looking and start eating.