From the social media savvy to the technologically impaired, almost any member of the Instagram community has been acquainted with the treasure trove of memes peppering our Popular Pages. But, has our world's first obsession with #foodgram fallen by the wayside?

Is making your friends wait ten minutes as you snap a picture of your every meal a past time reserved exclusively for Snapchat? Is there no longer a niche for our world's vegans to not only laugh at all too relatable memes but actually enjoy the aesthetics of whole food, plant based photography (with easy to follow recipes to boot)? What are the best vegan instagram accounts to follow?

Hold onto your carrots, kids. . .

Because the culinarily adventurous and strict raw health nuts are uniting over the bevy of vegan Instagram accounts tempting our tastebuds.  Are you not that into giving up cheese, but into the idea of a bloat-free Mac? Are you bored of your rice and beans grind (#brokecollegestudent), but just can't afford anything more ~exciting~? Are you desperately searching for the next step in your health journey, but need that extra little nudge of inspiration? Why waste any more of your time asking yourself what's for dinner when your own news feed can tell you exactly what you're craving before you even know it yourself?! 

What exactly are you looking for? 

Perfectly arranged dishes and lush lighting are obviously what reels a foodie in, but no two bloggers are the same when it comes to account quality. Here's a quick list of what to keep an eye out for when doing your own round up of the best vegan Instagrams.

1. Knowledgeability — these vegan masters need to know their sh!it. If someone doesn't know even the basics of human nutrition, then I ain't scrolling through. 

2. Personality — while this sounds silly, having a fun and relatable voice to match the food feed is king. If I can see myself in your health journey, then I'm sold. 

3. Accessibility / Reproducibility — this may not apply to everyone, but I use my vegan food grams to garner inspiration for the food I'm going to make. If the 'grammer is using wildly expensive ingredients (beware of those heavily sponsored by companies. . . Kite Hill doesn't grow on trees ya'll!), then I'm already at a loss. Give me pantry staples, people!  

#Foodgram is the past, but #veganfoodporn is the present and the future. 

For the Vegetarian That's Just Dipping a Toe in Vegan Fare

Disclaimer: These accounts are not exclusively vegan, but their bloggers all host a slew of vegan options and recipes with high adaptability to vegan needs (holla at you, reproducibility!). Nothing can stop these picks from being some of the best vegan Instagrams!

Deliciously Ella — honestly, blogger Ella Woodward was the first food-based Instagram account that I ever followed and, as a result, I will always consider her to be the OG foodie. I began following Ella around the time that my sister was embarking on her own health journey and I realized that "damn, I can be healthy too!", thereby marking my transition from vegetarianism to veganism. Ella's signature is her "energy balls", and for a good reason — they're the perfect tiny, protein packed, budget-friendly snack for bad ass college students (yay balls!). 

Green Kitchen Stories — this account is run by Stockholm based bloggers/power couple fusion Luise and David Frenkiel. In my opinion, they're the most beautiful people that I have ever seen and I will always strive to be just like them. But hey, I have to be my ~authentic~ me, so I just live vicariously through their amazing, super nordic food vibes. Follow for cozy grain bowls, and adorable hipster babies helping in the kitchen. 

Living the Healthy Choice — for someone born, raised, and based in Berlin, Pauline Bossdorf's english is impeccable (you could even say she lives up to her Boss name). Even better, she's only 22! Pauline is a photographer that's got a passion for veggies, and definitely does not discriminate against animal-free recipes. She's also down to collaborate with you with photography or recipe building, so give her website a quick peruse! Follow for artsy staging (all the plants!) and dreamy, grainy, birds-eye shots. 

Rachel Mansfield — this girl is living the dream in NYC right now, and I don't even mind being along for the ride (I mean this literally — she will fill you in on every second of her day via Instagram Stories . . . girl does a lot of Barre 3 and drinks a lot of booch, two of my guiltiest pleasures). Up until recently, Rachel has been churning out vegan recipes left and right (she's famous for her desserts, such as hella decadent peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookies), but some health issues have led her to incorporate more dairy and meat (sad!) back into her diet. That's okay though, she's still got a billion good pics to share. Check out her feed if you're ever craving banana bread — she's got a recipe for every mood. 

For the "Yeah, I'm Vegan, but I'm Also Broke" in All of Us

Holistic and Pure — while I may be a little biased (I went to high school with this girl), I think that this account is hands down the most authentic journey that I am following. Sadella started documenting her vegan lifestyle last year during her summer before college (she's studying kinesiology and nutrition, so this girl certainly practices what she's preaching). Sadella is working on launching her own blog (which encompasses a more wellness/spirituality-fueled tone to complement her food feed), and openly discusses the ups and downs of transitioning into a new lifestyle. Her aesthetic is everything of your minimalist dreams and definitely emanates Portland-native vibes. 

Sweet Simple Vegan — even though she's hyper-successful (is everyone making their living on Youtube these days?), Jasmine still sticks to some pretty budget-friendly recipes! Her feed is incredibly lively, and her slogan tees are always perfectly cheeky (I mean, of course I own that avocado hat). Check out her free recipe ebook (we kids like free things!). 

Plant Based Food and Travel — Bowls, bowls, all kinds of bowls! Everything in bowls (for those of you who know me, I never use a plate)! Conny is also based in Germany (Munich) and, so yay for that ~deutschlander~ comfort food! Follow for a never-ending stream of meal inspiration (and did I mention bowls?). 

For the Lifestyle Guru That's Always Down for Extreme Health

Fully Raw Kristina — damn ya'll, just look at those stunningly bright and saturated platters in her feed! Are they filling? Probably. But could you handle the under-118°F cuisine? That's your choice, you vegan kween, and Kristina is here for the inspiration. I mean, if I had to live solely off of nice cream. . .

That's So Raw — this chef doesn't stop at raw fruits and veggies for her diet, instead she's got full blown recipes for ya to oggle at (and recreate!).  She not only tells you exactly what she's eating and why, but she caters to college students that are looking for a meal that has a larger bang than its buck (read: noodles and broth). Can I get a pho-yeah for ramen!? 

For the Humanitarian You Want to Be

Disclaimer: Why not branch out a little? Here are my top eye-candy accounts for you as an added bonus! 

The Tatted Vegan — This account, spearheaded by personal trainer Berto Calkins, features nothing but the beautiful man himself smiling next to vegetables and I'm not even mad about it. Plus, he's really selling the humanitarian impetus for becoming vegan, and really wants you to be too (for the Earth, of course!). But, for fair warning, his account can get a little preachy and comes off semi-contrived (you know, that whole stereotype about vegans inherently having to shove their lifestyle down other people's throats). So, take his admonition with a grain of salt, enjoy the ~views~, and just do your thing! 

Black Vegans Rock — A large part of the vegan Instagram universe grossly lacks diversity. While a plant based diet is often more simplistic and accessible to prepare than one featuring animal products, the lifestyle itself is often touted as one reserved solely for those with more money and privilege (hello institutional racism). Thus, as according to Veronica Houk, "the seeming dominance of whiteness in the vegan sphere is particularly troubling because the plant-based community should unite people from all ages, genders, countries, religions, and ethnicities". I hear ya loud and clear, girl — and so does Insta account Black Vegans Rock. Scroll through their feed for a multitude of different people of color (POCs) sharing their vegan lifestyle stories. 

Your turn: what accounts are on your list of the best vegan Instagram accounts to follow?